Thursday, April 14, 2011

The Giggle Pile

The straight faces and nice smiles don't last long
Because once one person starts giggling,
the whole pile starts to wobble 


and thats even funnier
and with every person laughing 

How could the babies resist 
such a huge pile of happiness

They didn't really get the point of the game
But they knew they wanted to be part of it.
And they laughed alongside the giggle pile

Because like I said
How could they resist.

The mood from a pile of happiness is contageous


TwinkleBee said...

what a cute happy post! I love it when you post. I've been making efforts to post as well. I love the prepost option. :) Love you!

Shilpa Malhotra said...

Your family is so cool and baby is so cute. God bless you all.
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