Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Adios Summertime

We decided to
kiss summer goodbye

by having a little pizza and a movie
(at Caitlin's Clubhouse)

followed by some

and cupcakes

Perfect afternoon

truly amazing cupcakes.
(mango cupcakes with coconut frosting)
Saxon devoured his
before I could get a picture of him eating it.

You should all go to Caitlin's blog
and beg her for the recipe
it was just something she
"threw together"
They seriously changed my cupcake eating life.

Goodbye summer,
we'll miss you.

and I just recieved fabulous news
My camera is coming back to me
and should be here by the end of the week.
Now I can really blog again!

Monday, September 21, 2009

The Buzz...

We have bees

or wasps
or hornets
or whatever they are called

I put out traps,
Ryan goes on the hunt
every few days and sprays
and whacks away what he can find.

Just when we think we are safe
they go on the attack.

Poor Kenna
(She couldn't part with the ice pack for the picture)

and Cohen

got on the wrong end of a few stingers.

Ryan went on the warpath again
and found some major nests.

There were so many dead bees
we couldn't even walk in the grass barefoot

My kids love the fort,
unfortunately, so do the bees.

Maybe we've turned the tide?
Somehow I doubt it.

Any good Bee Killin' Ideas?

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Ogre Toes

The kids were in bed,
and the husband and I were enjoying
America's Got Talent
and a little Orange Julius

When he casually asked me
if I liked his
Ogre Toes.
I laughed
and couldn't believe he had them
on the couch.

Oh Well.

This is the price I pay
for having a fabulous husband.

He has ruined numerous pairs of shoes
by mowing in them,
and now,
is content to mow barefoot,
(as long as there is no dog poop in the yard).

And while I could complain,
I won't
because I have not once
since having a yard
mowed it.

I am capable
(have been since the ripe old age of 8)
and have had much experience
having had a 1 acre yard to mow in Indiana

But my husband
Doesn't mind it
Enjoys it

and who am I
to deprive him of the pleasure?

He turns that ipod on
and he's off.

What a man.
An ogre-toed man.

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Its a dang good thing it comes off with water...

You know
when its just
a little too quiet.

When you smile,
and think
My kids are playing so nicely,
what a treat.

And then
your illusions are shattered

and you think
I knew it was too good to be true.

I heard banging,
and Cohen yelling
"I stuck Mom"
"I stuck"

I walked over and saw this on the floor
wasn't sure I really wanted to open the door

and deal with what was inside.

The second I opened the closet door
he started apologizing.
"Sorry mom, sorry mom"

the Coco-monster

came to play with finger paints.

Knew he would get in trouble,
so decided to play with them in the closet
to postpone the inevitable.

Problem is,
when your hands
(and head and feet and clothes for that matter)
are covered with paint,

its hard to open a door knob.
Paint makes it slippery.
so you have to bang with both hands
so mom will get you out.

When she doesn't come quickly enough,
you also start painting the carpet inside the closet.
( I was alternating between
cursing and crying and cursing at this point
so I quit taking pictures)

He did offer to
"Keen it wif wipies"
but we settled for
washing his own hands
while mom cleaned it
with a million wipes
and the carpet shampooer.

I didn't have the strength to tackle
a bath after that,
his hair stayed blue until the next day.

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Sleeping Beauty

I was on the phone,
and on the computer
trying to tell myself
that I wasn't avoiding

hanging the laundry out to dry.

Kenna came in to talk to me
I shushed her
and told her to wait a minute.

She laid her head on my lap
and I played with her hair while I talked.

She then proceeded to fall asleep standing up.

I didn't realize she was asleep
until her knees started to buckle,
then she would straighten them back up,
then they would buckle again.

When the girl is tired,
the girl is tired.

She fell asleep
on the way to the gym last night
slept in the play pen in the day care the whole time
and slept all the way home.

She woke up right before dinner
and asked if we could get a snow cone
after we went to the gym.

She did not believe me
that we had already gone
and was mad that she missed it.

Its rough on the girl
when mom has to get her up early
to take her to Grandma's before work.
Rough I tell you.

Friday, September 4, 2009

Every hope is dashed...

The kids were begging me
to let them sleep
last night

but alas,
it was a school night

They tell me often
I ruin all of their fun.

I'm a ruiner

of sleeping on the bookcase dreams.
I'll have to see if I am sad about that.

Please excuse the photography
low light
crappy pictures

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Better Late Than Never

summer is almost over

and we have been promising our kids
every Tuesday and Thursday
all summer
that we can get a snow cone
next time
we come to the gym

We figured we better ante up
before the good old
Sno Shack
Closed its windows for the season.

My kids knew exactly what they wanted

Cohen- Blue
"A blue one, a blue one"
"Coco wanna blue one"
(His teeth and tongue are still blue)

Even the teasing from Kenna that it was pink
did not deter him

As luck would have it
they had a Barbie Flavor
Kenna heard that
and there was no turning back
It was cotton candy flavored
but doesn't Barbie Flavor make it sound more fun?

Me- Watermelon with Heavy Cream
Ryan- Mango with Heavy Cream

The kids all swapped bites,
and spit,
and bits of grass.
I offered to share mine
but Cohen took one look
and said
I don yike it.
No amount of coaxing would change his mind.

Oh well, more for me.

The kids are already planning their return trip
We'll have to see
if the Sno Shack
stays open that long.

(Long enough for us not to be in a hurry,
and to have five dollars cash with us.)