Friday, March 26, 2010

35 weeks and 4 days

They are still in the belly.

But I figured I should update the ultrasound pics
and the belly shots
before they are actually here,
so that I don't have to post them after
or wait to post real baby pics because I am behind.

33 weeks
in this one

Here are the stats.

Currently 35 weeks and 4 days
No bed rest, no restrictions
I would laugh
if they tried to throw them at me at this point.
Roll on the floor gasping laugh,
if they tried that now.
Because if it is supposed to make you go into labor,
I would pretty much do it 50 times in a row
just to move it along.

Cohen had the camera on Sunday morning,
told me to smile
smile bigger,
and this
is what we got,
Oh well,
belly shot courtesy of Cohen.

Just pretend you can see me smiling really big.

About 75% of my maternity clothes
do not cover my entire belly anymore
and comments swing from
"Oh you aren't that big"
"Honey, you look you are about to pop"
(Mostly towards the you're gonna pop side of the spectrum)

Even my shadow at twilight
which is normally more flattering than real life
is not so cute anymore.

My doctor is out of town until Saturday
and my mother in law is out of town until Sunday

so I have strict instructions
to not go into labor while they are gone
However I don't think I would feel one iota of guilt
if I went into labor TODAY.

Yeah, hmmmm... nope, no guilt would be felt.

Babycenter says this about this week:
he's over 18 inches long and tips the scales at 5 1/4 pounds
(pick up a honeydew melon).
Because it's so snug in your womb,
he isn't likely to be doing somersaults anymore,
but the number of times he kicks should remain about the same.

Well let me tell you something.

At my ultrasound on Tuesday

Baby A was measuring 6 lbs 5 oz
(and they said that could be low and he could be closer to 7 lbs)
Baby B was 5 lbs 2 oz
(and could be closer to six)
since we could see chubby cheeks on both babies.

a little creepy, but here is Baby B looking right at us
eye and nose and sucking his thumb

and while we were there
Baby B
who was transverse across the top of my belly
did several somersaults
(that did not feel pleasant)
and is now head down again.

So pretty much
Baby center is full of crap.

The perinatologist did give me hope however
when she said that I should go into labor
in the next five or six days
because 90% of twin pregnancies deliver in the 36th week,
and my twins looked more than ready.
Bless that woman.

This would be Baby B kicking Baby A
right in the head
with his innocent looking little foot.

The poor kids are still nameless
I just can't decide.
So many good names,
only two cute little boys to pick for.
We aren't holding back,
I promise when we know,
we will let you know.

To everyone who has called and left comments
and who regularly checks up on me

you guys are priceless.
Thank you for your care and concern.

it makes the hard days not so hard
when I know that I am not the only one
anxiously awaiting the big day.

P.S. Ryan is excited too.
He keeps texting me every hour or two
to see if I am in labor.

at first I was a little annoyed,
now it just makes me laugh really hard.

Monday, March 15, 2010

Showin the Love

The only Valentines we got in the mail
were from Grandpa Rick and Grandma Becky

And man, were they a hit.

because they came in the mail.
because there was a gold dollar attached to each one of them
Because they were good for one free donut
Because anything from Grandpa Rick and Grandma Becky
is priceless.

We called Holly up
and had her Bring Bryn to meet us
(she got a valentine too!)

And lucky us
The Hot Now Sign was on
when we pulled up

The kids were so enthralled with watching the process
we had to drag them away
to actually get the donuts.

They didn't get it that they got to pick one,
and that they got a hot one for free.

Kenna lost it
because we promised her one with chocolate
and the lady handed her a glazed one as well.

She did NOT WANT the one without chocolate.
I assured her that I would eat the "other one"
and then she was fine
and so was I
oh so was I

Cohen was thrilled with his "geen one"

And Caden was just excited in general

that we went out on a school night

that we got to use our valentines from Grandma and Grandpa

that the valentines included donuts

that we got some extra donuts for breakfast the next day

and that the girls sat at a completely different table
so that he could call his table the man table.

Thank You Grandpa Rick and Grandma Becky
We love to feel loved by you!