Friday, May 29, 2009

The Price Family Goes Adventuring

Who knew
what a fun place
was just a
hop skip jump
over the mountain?

We're suckers for Freebies
and for anything resembling vacation.
so when the
Westgate Resort Park City

offered us two free nights
if we would listen to the sales pitch.
We said
"Shoot, why not?"

So off we went.
My kids thought it was so exotic that we were
"On Vacation"
They could have cared less that it was
only a 1/2 hour from our house.

From the time we pulled up to the door
they were like little broken record players.
"Can we go to the pool now?"
"Now can we go?"

Even Cohen got into it repeating,
"Go poo? Go poo?"
This made me laugh so hard
I kept egging him on
so he would keep saying it.

We spent hours and hours in the pool
Even the bath tub was an adventure
when the jets were turned on.

Caden became the official
Key Master

and Kenna was
the Gate Keeper
(the elevator button pusher).

and it was essential
that one never try to encroach
on the others territory.
It was their
for goodness sakes.

It was fun
to act like all those people
that you normally make fun of

and all for the perfect price


Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Project Number 657,983,233

This Project is
Officially Labeled
Get Rid of the Weed Patch,
Level and Gravel the Third Driveway Area.

It was getting so bad that I quit trying to weed it,
and made Ryan start mowing it.
Don't let the green fool you
its all weeds and prickly burs and crap.

So we called in our friend
Derk Palfreyman
to Bobcat it level

(AKA Turbo Weeding)

Then we called in our friends
at Geneva Rock

To dump us some
1 3/4 inch gravel

Then I called in the troops
(Caitlin and Holly)
To come and help me shovel and rake
22.38 tons of gravel
into some semblance of level.

Still not there yet.
It is seriously
muscle ripping hard
to shovel this much gravel.
(22.38 tons remember?)

Evidently the Geneva Rock Lady
Calculated Wrong
and gave us several tons too much gravel.
So we can't level it until we get rid of some of it.

So we are now prepared
to run
The Price Family Gravel Pit
Out of our weed patch/third driveway.

It will be done this weekend
It will be done this weekend.

If I keep telling myself
it might actually get there.

Those Dang Mosquitos

Its Mosquito Season Again.

How do I know this?

Caden's appendages
have started their annual swelling and redness
Poor Kid couldn't even bend his first finger on that hand.

At least
we haven't gotten the eyes swollen shut yet.
I'm sure that's coming soon.

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

But Mom...there was buggies on em.

While I was in the front
dealing with this

Kenna came slowly walking over,
and stood there watching me shovel rock.

When I paused she said

"Mom, there was buggies."


"There was buggies on it."

"Show mom."

"See mom? There was buggies."
"So I picked em right off."


Columbine Massacre #2
Right in my backyard.

"We don't pick Mommy's flowers!"

"Yuh Huh. I just did. See?"
"I got the buggies all off."

She sure did,
along with almost
every dang flower
on the whole plant.

At least there were only "buggies"
on ONE
of the three Columbine Plants.

I guess you could say I got lucky

Friday, May 22, 2009

Yard Sales...YES PLEASE!

You know what gets my heart going?

Besides my hot Hubby,
my cute kids,
My super fun and amazing family,
Great Friends,
Having a clean house,

and Red glass,


Its a compulsion of mine.
I must stop and look,
well, if it is well organized
(I do not stop for piles of junk on sheets)

Today I got a call
from the MIL.
HUGE Yard Sale.

lots of antiques
and kids outdoor toys.
She mentioned an old trunk.
My heart started palpitating.

She came and relieved me
at the preschool picnic at the park
so I could go and salivate.
and boy does she know me well.

I wanted to twirl in circles.
And clap and sing.
This trunk is in
AWESOME shape!

Still has in tact leather handles and straps,
and the organizer tray!
I have been searching high and low,
and boy,
these babies aren't cheap.
Even if they are falling apart,
they aren't cheap.

All I had to do for this one
was peel off the nasty contact paper
that someone coated the inside with
(I was muttering rude words
under my breath
the whole time.)

Better huh?
Don't ever do that to a beautiful antique trunk.
I will hunt you in your dreams
and make you wish you hadn't.

I also scored this cute wagon.

What a good day!

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

The Luckiest Crew

The Line Up

KennaBear, Princess B, CoCo Butter, Nenna (Vienna),
and the Cadenmeister.

We love cousins,
yes we do.
We love cousins.
How bout you?

Monday, May 18, 2009

Doing the Superman in a Swimmy Suit

The recipe for a
Perfect Afternoon:

Sunny Day
Green Grass

Brand New Princess Swimsuit

Tangled Wild Woman Hair

sticky watermelon juice on my cheeks.

and the realization,
that maybe I really can fly.


Friday, May 15, 2009

The Lehi Fire Department Rocks Our Socks

Today was
Preschool Field Trip Day
and because parents
have to

accompany their children,
The whole gang had to come along.

I was the only one there
that hauled four kids in with me.

And I was the only
one that forgot my camera,

Oh well, cell phone pictures it is.
(Cohen would not stand still he was so excited)

They watched an Elmo Firefighter video
and tried on the jackets.

(Kenna was screaming that she needed to pee at this point
so I missed the picture of that.)

They got to climb into the fire engine,

and the fire truck,

Which I found out are
two VERY different things.

Why do preschoolers
and moms
need to know the difference?

Well the fire fighter thought it was important.

So for those of you that are dying to know

The Fire Engine
has the bigger pumper hoses and a very small ladder.

Fire Trucks
are the ones that have the huge-o ladders,
and don't hold as much water.

At least that is what I thought I heard
amongst the chaos of forty small children.

Now you are all one brain cell smarter.

Well regardless,
they all got stickers,

Which Cohen put on his Belly
and he kept lifting his shirt to show EVERYONE.
Then laughing and saying "on my belly"

Evidently being a junior fire fighter for the day
really wears you out!

because I found Caden first
(he never naps anymore)

and then Kenna
who never naps,
curled up with Cohen,
in Kenna's bed.

I had a very peaceful afternoon.

Thank you Lehi Fire Department
for that little gift!

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Gap Baby Ad here we come.

So I was doing a photo shoot of Cohen at his best.
What do you think?

Does the up angle
show the gooey-ness of the snot better?

Or the does the down angle
better show off the carefully applied pizza sauce?
(Now dried on for a more aesthetically pleasing look.)

Or really,
should we skip the darling face all together
and go for the shapely knees,
(Cohen provided the scrapes
to add to the color of the composition.)

He was going for a certain look I think
Like, homeless street urchin boy,
This task was made harder
by his mean mother
who insisted on
the scrubbing and cleansing of above nastiness.
Don't worry.
He survived it.
I'm sure the look will be achieved again someday soon
. tomorrow.
Most likely.