Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Gift Basket Numero Dos

Holly has graciously agreed
to donate one of her rag quilts
for the Gift Basket today.

She said that if you win,
you can choose one
for a boy,
for a girl.

This basket will be fabulous!
How could it not be
with The Holly Doll in charge?

How talented is my sister Holly?
You have no idea.


She makes stuff up all the time.
and while I smile and nod,
I am ashamed to admit,
sometimes I don't catch the vision.

Like the time that she was sewing place mats together
to make a table runner.


And then she shows me the finished product
and I wonder
how the heck she thought that stuff up
Much less actually created it.

And then I instantly want to rip it off
and make one for me,
because it is just that cool.

She is one of the original creators of Twinkle Bee.
And you better believe
that she has her hand in almost every pot.
She helps me make aprons.
She helps Caitlin make bracelets.
She makes all kinds of quilts.
She helps run and update the website,
and she personally created the apron shop,
and put all the pictures on there.

affectionately known as Holly Doll,
or just Doll
is my younger sister by 21 months.
But you would think she was my older sister
because she is way more responsible
way more organized
and way more on top of her game than I am.
She is married to Cory

Who is the smartest, hardest workin nurse
I ever did meet.
Two full time nursing jobs at seperate Hospitals, and school.
He is my husbands best friend.
It worked out good that way.

Holly was into sucking people's blood
way before
it was as cool as it is now that Edward does it.
She is a senior tech and Phlebotomy Supervisor
at American Fork Hospital.
She has worked there longer than I have known
what a full time job is.

Her other full time job is
Princess B

otherwise known as her 3 almost 4 yr old

Bryn has earned the title of Princess.
She had a feeding tube until 6 months
Open Heart Surgery at 10 months
Cancer at 18 months
and too many tests and scans since.

And because Holly not only survived this
But has thrived...
She has earned the title
of Queen Bee
in this Twinkle Bee hive.


You want to win this blanket and other goodies in the basket.
I promise.
They make great shower gifts or birthday gifts,
even if you don't have a baby in your house right now!

Holly also takes custom orders
and has a CRAZY huge array of fabrics.
You want it, she can make it,
and it will turn out even better than you thought it would.
I can promise you that!

And the winner is...

Ashley Henderson
Who said
You're aprons are so darling!
I hope I win!

Sorry Ashley if I didn't spell your last name right,
I know you best with the Meyers last name. :-)
I need you to email me at
with your address so I can get out to you.


Think of it as a happy baby, and a happy birthday gift basket!
So glad you commented,
so glad you came to visit the blog!

Check back for the new gift basket tomorrow!
you can enter every drawing,
SO if you didn't win today,
come back,
win tomorrow!

Monday, April 27, 2009

The Great Gift Basket Giveaway Begins Today!

First, many many thanks to

The Twinkle Bee work force.
They gave me awesome ideas on how this should go down,
and you know, donated the goods.

Every day (maybe two to give everyone a chance to enter)
I will be highlighting
a different Twinklebee Handmade specialty
and its creator.

I have been begging and begging...
alright, no, I haven't
I just asked everyone nicely
and they graciously said
Of course!
So we have 5 fabulous gift baskets to give away.

The first give away
(Because hello, it is my blog,)
(and well, mostly because I already have one ready)
Is an Apron from Handi Andi's Apron shop.

Are you excited?
Well you should be.

Handi Andi
(my sister made up this moniker and it kinda stuck)
is a busy busy mom of three
who works part time
at a Treatment Center for Teenage Girls
called New Haven.

This is what she looks like most days.
Hair in a pony tail,
forget the make up.
(I mentioned busy mom part right?)
She loves antiques, red glass, sewing,
DIY projects, reading, blogging,

traveling, gardening.
hanging out with her seriously hot husband,
and playing with her kids.
She's pretty much the luckiest lady in the world.
Check out her apron shop on Twinkle Bee
and comment on her blog.
(this makes her very happy)

So here are the Rules.
(Yeah, I know, sorry to have to get technical.)

If you want to win the awesomeness that is posted that day
If you post on your blog about the contest.
Comment again and let me know.
I will check it out,
and you will be entered again.

The winners will be announced
when the next item is posted.
Don't be discouraged if you don't win the first one.
Come back and enter again for the next.

Comment and I will try to clarify.

Here's to hoping that you win!

Sunday, April 26, 2009

Ya'll ready for this?

After discussing the gift basket
with my fellow Twinkle Bees
They all said sure,
they were in.
Are you in?

Check us out tomorrow.
To see the the cool stuff that is being thrown in the ring
for you to win.

In order to spread the love
a little further,
we are not putting all of the greatness
into one gift basket,
Sorry those of you pining after my last post.


There will be Aprons
There will be Bracelets...
There will be Blankets...
There will be Super Hero/Princess Capes...

Just you wait and see...

Friday, April 24, 2009

Gift Baskets Rock

My outrageously creative sister
Had these waiting for us by our beds
When we got to Florida.

Favorites and essentials.
All wrapped up in celophane.
I loved it.
Made me giddy
I loved it so much.
Who thinks of that?
My rockin sister does.

I can count the number of gift baskets I have ever gotten
on one hand.
But I love them,
and if I love them, wouldn't everybody love one?
I should make gift baskets
for when people come to my house.
Come stay with me,
I will lower myself to the status of copycat
and make one for you!
You should make gift baskets for when people come to YOUR House,
I would totally come and stay with you
if you did.
Then I would blog about you.
Then you would know you were special!

Thanks Rachie.
Very cool.
But then, you always are.

Maybe I should do a Twinkle Bee/ Handi Andi
Gift Basket Give Away.
What do you think?
Let me know.
Maybe I will get with the powers that "bee"
and see what we can do.

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Home Again

To market to market
to buy a fat pig.
Home again
Home again
Jiggity Jig.

I feel like this nursery rhyme.
Home again, home again.

I was so excited to come home.
That I was pretty much dancing that jig.

I loved it
Don't get me wrong.
Had a blast.
Renewed my energy.
Reinforced and strengthened my bonds with my sisters.
Laughed really really hard
at really really absurd things.
Slept in late
stayed up late.
Put make up on and did my hair

But home is home.
And I like my clothing in my closet,
not in my suitcase.

Ryan did wonders with the house
and it was blissful to come into a clean kitchen
and then lay down with the kids
in a clean living room
and take a long nap.

The kids woke up grumpy and whiney
and I had to remind myself for a moment
that I had missed this.

But I did miss it.

All of it.

Even the snot, and the poop, and the whining.

Because that came along with
The squeals and the hugs
and sitting next to Cohen in the car
and having him pet me
and lay his head on my arm
and hearing him softly repeat
my mommy,
my mommy.

And then, he ate most of Holly's cinnamon roll,
and Kenna dumped my purse,
and all three were fighting over my water bottle.

It is
good to be home.

P.S. I was blogging from an iphone in Florida (I don't recommend this, convenient, but time consuming.) I have now uploaded pictures on all the Florida posts. Check them out.

Monday, April 20, 2009

Our fourth...and final

My dearest,

We did not lay on the couch all day like I thought we would.
We ran around.
We ate at Crispers.

Oh Delicious.

Then we went to
Park Avenue.
Which was full of boutiques
that were so expensive that I couldn't breath in them.

But they were really cool to look at.
I like beautiful things.

After park avenue we went to Costco.
Had to replace the book that I lost
of my trip.

Didn't even read two pages before it disappeared
into the realms of the unknown

Good thing you put "the book" on my ipod

or I would have been lost.
Really lost.
You know me
and my compulsive need for a book to read at all times.

We then headed to Congo River.
Some may think it is just a mini golf place,
but really,
It is this crazy adventure
where you get to dangle pieces of hotdog
from a string

over a pit of about 15 baby alligators.
When I say baby,
I mean, they are 3 to 4 feet long.
Thats only 1 ft 9 inches shorter than me.
That is some serious alligator chomping ability.
They stay perfectly still.
Until the hotdog gets an inch from their nose.
Then they jump and freak out and snap their huge jaws.

Rachel kept warning me not to drop the stick.
I kept rolling my eyes
I wasn't going to drop the dang stick.
Then I was teasing the biggest alligator in the pool
who hadn't moved the whole time we were there.
She told me to drop the hot dog so it barely touched his nose.
The thing freaked out.
I nearly dropped the stick, and I screamed bloody murder.
and the alligator got the hot dog.

We then went to Kevan's Grandma's house for Dinner.
She is a fabulous, fit, and fun 80 year old
She is awesome.
She made us an indoor picnic since it was raining.
The works.
Then she told us all about her Tai Chi classes
that she takes every week
and showed us some basic moves.
I hope that I have a fraction of her coolness level
when I am her age.

His parents treated us to Jeremiah's Italian Ice again.
One more to hold me over until we make it back.

We have to make it back.
Have to.

Can't wait to see you tomorrow morning.
You are a prince among men for picking us up.


Sunday, April 19, 2009

Day 3

Dear Ryco78

I didn't sleep so well last night
Because of my lobster look alike legs.

Why do I burn
Instead of toasting lovely and golden
Like lucky lucky you.

We went back to beautiful St. Augustine today.

There was a lovely antique shop.
With a lovely red pedestal cake plate.
It was love at first look.
It even matches a plate I have.

Lucky for our bank account,
I was able to walk away.
(the over inflated price helped break it's power over me)
But I was sad as I walked away and left it.

We toured Flagler College today.
It used to be a hotel for the ├╝ber rich.
You know, like us.
Yeah right.

The windows were made by Tiffany

And the lights and clocks were done personally by Thomas Edison.
The windows in the building alone are worth 20 million.
The chairs in the dining area are worth $12,000 a piece.

Let me tell you,
I would not be letting anyone
put their bum in a chair that is worth $12,000.
Let alone college students eating lunch.

I had another waffle cone,
it was just as amazing as the first one.
Really amazing.

We also went to see the lighthouse.
Very cool.

Rachel says that she and Kevan stayed there in a bed and breakfast
and it came with a carriage ride tour of the city
and sparkling cider
and breakfast in bed.
You would love this town.
I sure did.
I was sad that we had to leave.

is relaxing day for me.
Back at Rachel's.
A little sewing, a little reading, possibly a little shopping.
And of course...

Strawberry Pina Colada Gelatto.
My mouth is already watering.

Now to bed.

I misses your kisses.

Saturday, April 18, 2009

Day two...

Dear hubby,

Today I laid on the beach.
I wish I had your boogie board,
The cool one you got in Hawaii.
Well maybe not,
The beach next to ours
is the #1 shark bite beach.
What if the sharks were taking a break
From New Smyrna beach
And came down to Daytona Beach Shores?
Never mind, no boogie boards for me.

We went to St. Augustine next.
It seems like a different country.
Everything from the 1600's and 1700's
Spanish forts, amazing buildings, cobblestone streets.

These are the gates to the city.
Cool huh?

We have to come back sometime.
The old houses make me want to move here.

I found cinnamon almonds fresh out of the pan
And waffle cones so delicious
That I asked for one right off the iron
With no ice cream, just the cone.

I found so many things the kids would love.

Going back tomorrow for more adventure.
I have such good pictures.
I can't wait to show you.
Miss you

I love your guts.

Friday, April 17, 2009

You know you have the best husband on the planet when...

You get to fly off to Florida
with your sisters
For 4 days.


4 days

Dear husband of mine,
Today consisted of sleeping in until 9.
Don't be jealous, thats seven our time,
but we were women on a mission.

We had to be at pedicures at 10:30.

Then to Hollieanna's for some primo orange juice.
I might have gotten you a primo orange peeler,

For the primo price of $1.25.
You never know.
We then made our way to Daytona Beach

And the infamous Islander Hotel.
We are facing the beach this time.
Gorgeous view.
Gorgeous sand.
HUGE waves.
I keep turning to tell you things.
I am having a fabulous time,
But I miss you.
Miss me too?
I knew it.
More adventures tomorrow.
Lots of love and tons of kisses.

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

What kind of mother...

We left our children in the hands of the
Golds Gym Playroom Staff
last night
and ran to the other side of the gym
so we wouldn't be late for our biweekly torture sessions
with our overpriced trainer.

Not 5 minutes into the workout
A Very Distressed Playroom Worker
is doing the quick walk headed right for us.

"Was your youngest bleeding when you left him?"

I had to blink and reprocess what she said.
Would I have left him if he was bleeding?
Hello! NO!
( Well I was late for the trainer, and she is expensive, but still, NO!)

"Ummm... NO!" I replied.
Trying not to sound panicked.

"Okay, because, um,"
"He has a cut on his face and its bleeding."

"Does he need stitches?"

"Well, no, its just a scratch, but its bleeding, and we are so sorry, and we have no idea how it happened, or how it could have happened, and we asked everyone and no one said they saw it happen, and your little boy, he just keeps saying "Yeah, Yeah," whenever we ask him a question,

(yeah, well, he doesn't talk),
(and one of the very few words he says is yeah),
( so yeah, that's all he would say.)

and we are so sorry, and we put a band aid on it, and he's not even crying anymore, and we think he will be fine, and like we said, we are so sorry."

It looked like the poor girl was about to hyperventilate
from the word vomit that just kept poring out of her mouth.

I was starting to get annoyed
because I pay this trainer something like $3 a minute,
and this worker was quickly eating up minutes
because my son had a scratch.

I replied,
"I'm sure he is fine, I"ll come check when I am done."

Stressed out worker quickly exited in the near run walk mode.

I finished my workout with trainer lady, and then went to get Cohen.

I wish I would have had my camera.
He had a huge band aid that went from one ear,
across his cheek,
and over the bridge of his nose.

Right below his eye,
and it was bright green scooby doo.
He looked like a war veteran.

I started to think,
how could 4 grown women,
watching 10 kids not have seen
what happened to the kid's face?

Do they even pay attention in there?
Are my kids going to get the crap beat out of them
while these women are not paying attention?

And what kind of mom,
has a kid,
that hits other kids in the face.

And while I was getting my self all worked up
I suddenly remembered
the events at my house previously that day.

Where 2 grown women
(Caitlin and Myself)
Watching 4 children play outside
Somehow missed
picking up a large stick
and cracking Saxon in the face with it.

I was a little upset
because some kid hit Cohen in the face with a toy.

When my own child
Hit Saxon in the face
with a freakin stick.

Yeah, so I guess its not so big a deal
that Cohen has a black eye.
When I'm the mother of a kid
that gave another kid
a black eye.

P.S.- The playroom made me sign a waiver saying I would not sue them because my child was injured in their care. Seriously? Seriously. My kids should have to sign a waiver saying that they won't sue me if they are injured in my care.

You can call me four eyes...if you want to.

Cohen would do just about anything to get a reaction from me.

He takes off his diaper and comes running in to say

He routinely dumps his cereal on his head
and laughs when I freak out.

He counts teeu, teeu, free!
and jumps off the ottoman.

He climbs on the kitchen counters and then stands up
to yell Mom, Mom, Mom
and then laughs when I come running.

Easter morning I was sleeping and I heard a commotion.
I opened my eyes and Cohen was there
about 2 inches from my face

Crazy glasses on

Yelling BOO!

He then was kind enough to ham it up for me

while I took pictures.

And then he was tired,
so the show was over
and he just wanted his blanky and his boo.
He watched cartoons with the glasses like this.