Monday, February 25, 2013

He Busted That Sucker

Sounds like a really official medical diagnosis huh? 

But when the shoe fits...

 We go with it.

All that moving around and x-raying was hard work.
Mom wanted to take a nap too

No more 
racing matchbox cars down the banister
and then tumbling 
into a headstand flop down the stairs anymore!
That is now rule #643 in our house.

We have also decided 
 we henceforth will avoid broken bones
  at all cost.

Now just wish me luck
keeping this 2 year old mister in his sling 
for 4 whole weeks

He already is saying
"I don' like dis. Take off. Take off!"
and its been 4 days.

Tuesday, February 5, 2013

I Big

This one is pretty self explanatory. 

 Big Brother is playing a really cool game 
with a really big gun.

I big! 
 I play! 
Collin turn. 
I play!

 If you remember from the previous post
"wants it his way, always"
(This immediately happens when it is not going his way.)

 Two guns?

Mom says "Let mommy help"
But I do it.
 I big!

 I do it. 
I big!

 I do it! 
I do it like Caden! 
 I big!

Mom says,
"almost little man. 

Monday, February 4, 2013

When You're the Best of Friends

 Have you ever ever ever in your life 
seen a cuter
 Woody and Buzz

Don't answer that if you have

This picture so perfectly captures their personalities too.

notice the mile wide grin
He is ready for the party, whenever, wherever.
He is goofy, happy, always ready to ham it up,
He is super silly, super fun
Gives the biggest sloppiest kisses
and wraps himself around you like a monkey 
for huge squishy hugs
He thought trick or treating was the best game ever.

notice the hesitant look
He is careful, he is cautious
He makes sure its safe before he joins in.
He likes things to be his way, always.
He already knows, and lets you know,  
if something is not fair.
He gives little pecks with his lips perfectly puckered up
and precise little hugs with a few back pats for good measure.
He sings the words to songs, 
and its the cutest thing ever.
He wasn't sure 
all the walking and talking to strange people
was worth the little amount of candy he collected.

They fight
A Lot

But they also play hide and seek together
neither one gets it
so they both hide
and then jump out and scare each other 
and laugh and laugh and laugh
then hide again in the exact same spot
and then do it again.
and again

and they notice when the other one isn't there

Collin says
 "Oh no! Keegie, mom, Keegie.  Keegie gone!"
Keegan says  
"Where Colly go?"

and then as soon as they see each other 
they go back to trying to ignore each other.

Here's to hoping
they will always be the best of friends.
Fingers crossed.