Tuesday, June 5, 2012


was nowhere to be found

Never a good thing with this kid
He has hiding spots all over the house
where he goes
 when he knows he is being naughty
or has something he knows
 he is not supposed to have
and doesn't want to get caught.
He's so naughty it's kind of funny
Even thought it's really not.

It's scary the stuff this kid can figure out
Baby locks and deadbolts are no obstacle
Neither are fridge tops or high shelves


I finally saw these little piggies

and at first that's all I saw.

They were so cute 
wiggling and flexing in obvious excitement

Then I saw what he was doing.

 Stinker had sneaked Dad's iPad 
and was having the time of his little life.
Dancing and bobbing to the song that was on
with the game he had opened and was "playing"

I so wish I had a picture of his face
Pure delight

But I missed my chance because
 as soon as he saw me 
he dove under the bed 
with the iPad clutched to his chest.

I had to haul him out arching and screaming.
(Dad has very strong feelings about the kids playing/destroying his iPad)

I don't have such strong feelings and let them play mine, 
but he KNOWS Dad's is off limits
 and that made the victory all the sweeter. 

After he stopped screaming and swinging for me
He glared at me for another ten minutes
 every time I tried to talk to him.

Then when I finally took my eye off of him for two seconds
and turned around to put Collin's shoes on,
 Keegan found the squirt bottle in the bathroom
 and proceeded to soak himself and the carpet.

His happy, excited mood returned in full force

Until I rudely took that happiness away too.

I'm a ruin-er
I take all really excellent and exciting things
and try to hide them on high shelves.

Or so I am sure Keegan thinks.


 This is to prove that he is not a first time offender. 
Good thing we have not adopted the three strikes policy in this house
or the kid would be toast

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Family Pics 2012

My Dad
 requests very little

 So when he asked for an updated family picture
With two months notice
Because he was having some VIP guests stay at his house
(think Quorum of the 12, yep, definitely VIP)

We finally got it together and had our friend
The talented Will Harcourt
Help us out. 

With a week to spare.
Better late than never.

And so here we are.

 These are the first Real Family Pictures
 that we have had taken
since the twins were born

   and they are now two. 

Sad huh?

But worth the wait for sure.

My Dad said he loves walking by his table
 and seeing the new pictures lined up there

Mission Accomplished 
(Just in the knick of time)

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

We’re Gonna Celebrate CHD Awareness Week

By wearing one of these bad boys wherever we go
for the week of February 7-14

Did you know…

that Princess B
THIS Princess B
(Soul Sister on the far Right)
is a CHD Baby?

Well, yes she is.
A member of the very exclusive
“Zipper Club”
as of 2006

Did you know that my sister 
is a  
modern day hero


for surviving with her heart and sanity intact,
after seeing Bryn go through so much,


and still moving forward 
with such unflinching courage.
(Healthy Heart Check in 2009)

CHD stands for 
Congenital Heart Deffect
1 in every 100 babies
is born with one.
This one was.
The internet says this
“CHD Awareness - Nearly twice as many children die from Congenital Heart Defects in the United States each year as from all forms of childhood cancers combined, yet funding for pediatric cancer research is five times higher than funding for Congenital Heart Defects.”

Holly started a pinterest board with Bryn’s pics and info on it
(I copied her, you can check out mine here)
and made us these ribbons
so we could help raise awareness
and get some research going on. 

She’s worth it


Don’t you think?
 Oh yes, she is.

Also many many thanks and kudos to the amazing people/doctors/staff at Primary Children's Hospital who took such good care of B. She even had a special plastic surgeon to work on her tiny chest so that her scar would be extra small and skinny. There are such good people out there.