Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Family Pics 2012

My Dad
 requests very little

 So when he asked for an updated family picture
With two months notice
Because he was having some VIP guests stay at his house
(think Quorum of the 12, yep, definitely VIP)

We finally got it together and had our friend
The talented Will Harcourt
Help us out. 

With a week to spare.
Better late than never.

And so here we are.

 These are the first Real Family Pictures
 that we have had taken
since the twins were born

   and they are now two. 

Sad huh?

But worth the wait for sure.

My Dad said he loves walking by his table
 and seeing the new pictures lined up there

Mission Accomplished 
(Just in the knick of time)

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Amy Bagaso Williams said...

Adorable! So dang adorable!!