Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Myringotomies and other such nonsense...

has had a big day today
and its only 10:00 am

Cutest little munchkin
in a hospital gown
that I ever did see

He doesn't even walk yet
and they still gave him little grippy socks
"just in case."

In case of what?
In case he decided
to stand up and tap dance
while under anesthesia?
Oh, okay, sure,
Just in case.

and don't worry about that bracelet chafing
he kicked that thing off before they even took him back
evidently not made for baby sized ankles

Poor buddy was pretty hungry
since he couldn't eat after midnight
and he usually has a 6:30 am bottle
he decided to try to eat his leads instead

Classic gown gap
at least they give them little pants
to keep their legs and bum warm

They have never given me pants to wear
to keep my bum covered
when I was having "gap" issuses
Lucky kid

The doctor was running late
so we had to wait in the post op room for a bit
Keegs was so hungry he almost ate the diaper bag
but was otherwise a really good sport

He forgave Dr. Porter pretty quickly
since he brought him this cute bear to chew on

His little ribbon says
Dr. Porter Loves Me

I wish i had gotten a picture of the crew
that came to get Keegan
Tall blond young doctor
Tall blond young male nurse
Tall blond young Anesthesiologist

The three of them walking down the hall
with Keegan in tow was quite the sight.

He told me not to even go to the bathroom
they would be back so fast
I thought they were exaggerating.

I stood up
made a bottle
sat down
texted Ryan
and the doctor was back

saying Keegan would be out in a minute
and that they were all done
and he did great.

I could here him screaming from down the hall
as they brought him to me.

But as soon as they let him eat
all was right with the world

After the bottle he was
out for the count.

The doctor said they all cracked up
when they saw his "designer diapers"

Thanks grandma for the blue jean diapers
to fancy up his bum for the big day
They were a big hit

The kid
is now napping and playing and eating
like nothing new is going on
despite having woken up at 5:30 am

Mom is definitely feeling the 5:30 am
and wishing that she was napping at this point
but I am so glad all went off without a hitch
and hopefully the weeks of ear infections
followed by weeks of antibiotics
and tummy troubles are over

We're ready to have our sweet giggly baby back

Monday, November 22, 2010

You're looking at what?

I posted my last post
with this adorable picture

of this darling baby
by this beautiful tree
and my sister makes this comment.

He is so adorable!
What's with the chair from the 50's?

Don't get me wrong I love pink and yellow flower chairs,
I've just never seen one in your house before ;)
N&C find?

Okay, I guess lets forget the baby in the middle for two seconds
How could you even see the chair in the back?

I had to blow up the picture
to even see the corner of it

that you could barely see
and I know what it looks like.

So to you Rachie Coray
I say this

Are you mocking my chair?
My $5 dollar, darling, garage sale chair?
You better check yourself before you wreck yourself girl...
Kidding, but...
I love it.

It is relatively new to me,
and I am just waiting for the perfect fabric to grab me
before I replace the yellow brown and pink shiny, vinyl
that crinkles and rustles when you sit on it.

It doesn't currently match the front room
but has the cutest shape
and is so comfy I couldn't resist.
Do I need to repeat myself?

Ryan had a similar reaction
and actually asked
if we had to even bring it through the door
let alone put it in the front room.

but I will have you know,
two people offered me $10
before I could even drag it to my car
and several since
have asked me to call them if I want to sell it
This chair evidently brings out extreme emotions in people
they really love it
or really don't

Mock me if you must
I really love it.
Just imagine those buttons replaced with amazing vintage ones
Any fabric suggestions?

This teaches me
to focus on the cute baby in the middle
instead of the obscure peek
of the ugly chair in the background

P.S. The amazing honeycomb quilt
on the quilt rack in the background
(in case you are looking in the background like my sister)
is also a $5 garage sale find
Hand pieced
Hand quilted

Find of the year I am sure
Major Score.

The chair will look lovely beside it when I done with it.

Sunday, November 21, 2010

Its unfortunately that time of year...

The time when

Where we go from
Happy Tree Decorating

to feverish, restless, sleep

to being bundled up
for the croup walk
around the neighborhood.

To try and alleviate
some of the barking cough
and the raspy breathing.

To try to get through the night
with even a hint
of sleep

Until we can make it in to the doctor tomorrow.

But doesn't my little sicky
look pretty cute
with his fever pinked cheeks
and hat askew.

He finally conked
on the second turn around the culdesac.

I should dive into my bed this minute
and try to get some shut eye
before my next turn around the neighborhood
in the falling snow.
Aproximately two hours from now.

Poor Kenna had her turn on the croup walk
yesterday and the day before
and seems to be getting better today
Hopefully the other three escape it.
I'm praying fervently that the other three escape it.

Thursday, November 18, 2010

Sneaky McSneakster

Just call this little monkey
The iPhone Thief

He can sticky finger that phone
right in front of me
and I don't even catch it
until I need the phone
and I can't find it
or its ringing from somewhere
that is not where I left it

He is seriously a master.

When I walked by the couch and saw
I knew exactly what he was doing.

Without a doubt

He was getting in his Angry Bird time

he knew he was caught.

He's a pretty good sport about giving it back
most of the time.
Other times,
not so much

I rarely make it through a day without the battery dying

That kid is a master at the
scrolling and flicking

and he's 3.

I am in big trouble!

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Need a good laugh?

Our family night treat was Popsicles

They had riddles on the sticks.

To be silly I read mine out loud to Ryan

Caden looked confused
and Ryan said he didn't know


Caden still didn't get it
But wanted Ryan to read his

Before I could even guess
Caden yells


Where in the crap did that come from?
Cracked me up.
The real answer was

Kenna had no idea what was going on
but Ryan and I were laughing so hard
from the Greg comment
that she wanted in
so she handed hers to me

Caden thought for a minute and said

I liked his answer
even better than the real one

Which was

Of course Cohen,
who was laughing
just because the rest of us were laughing,

but still didn't get it
handed over his stick

and of course,
with his literal little 6 year old mind
Caden says

That bird was banging on the tree so loud...

Who even thinks the real answer is funny anymore?

It never occurred to me before
that the "real" answers
to the riddles that my kids came up with
could be even funnier
than the play on words answer.

I am so looking forward to the rest of the Popsicle box!

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Love, Grandpa Jones

The first couple of postcards that we got
I thought,
"Oh, how nice
, my dad sent a
post card."

And then
they just kept coming
every trip he takes
busisness or vacation

(Kenna making her best raccoon face)

my kids carry them around
like badges of honor
Kenna and Cohen are so jealous
that Caden has more than they do
(Well, He's been around longer, they forget that sometimes)
So sometimes
He lets them borrow some of his
and pretend like they are theirs

I have read some of those postcards to them
ten plus times

and they know which ones are theirs
Boy Howdy do they know

How do you explain to a 3 year old
(and my 6 year old for that matter)
that those are fake aliens on the Roswell card
and that Grandpa will not get eaten by wolves
when he goes to Minnesota?

They think that the cards are magical.

He has made them a magical thing.

His messages are always creative
and funny
and age appropriate too
Cohen has explained to me several times
"The eagle is nice Mom, Grandpa said it was nice"

Did you know Dad?
Did you know the magic you are sending in the mail?
Do you know they think that you are "SO COOL?"
Cause you are
You are magical and awesome and "so cool"

Thanks for taking the time
and putting in the effort.
We love you

and your postcards.

Thursday, November 11, 2010

Tired Baby

It's rough
when life is so busy all around you

that you have to just put your head down
wherever you are
and conk out.

Its hard being the "baby"
(well he is... by two minutes)
with the quietest voice
Sometimes you just got to do things for yourself

Got tired of playing
tucked his little hands under
and tuned out.

Don't you worry
I swaddled his cute little bum up
and gave him a good cuddle
before putting him to bed.

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Sitting Pretty

We Sit Up Now!

at the ripe old age of 7 months

You think we are cute?
Yeah, Mom and Dad think that we are rock stars
(pretty high maintenance rock stars)

We agree
We are pretty awesome.

we crack ourselves up
all the time

Oh look, a foot
(that is all it takes to distract us)

We are pretty happy fellows
We really like each other
most of the time

sometimes its fun
to see what Collin will do
when I do this...

Yup, that's what usually happens

Sometimes Collin is a little dramatic

and he makes really good sad faces

He gets a binky for that?

I will just take that.

Collin has learned
that if he turns his head
I can't reach it.

Never mind
this shiny silver camera
with mom behind it
will do.