Wednesday, July 21, 2010


We love Bumbos

Yes we do!

We love Bumbos

How about you?

Collin is trying to decide
if it matters if his is pink

But a $5 pink garage sale Bumbo
beats the heck out
of a $35 blue or green one
any day
(that's what we think anyway, especially since it came with a tray too!)

Talk about fraternal twins

They do not look even remotely the same

People still ask if they are identical though
and how we tell them apart,
I think my incredulous look
was starting to make people feel stupid

so I just laugh politely
and say I look at them
and do eeny meeny miney mo
and go with what ever name comes up.
Then they laugh politely
and try to decide if I am kidding.

P.S.- sorry for the poor picture quality.
my iPhone is not such a hot photog
Thinking about firing her,
but she is always close in a pinch or super cute moment
so we shall see.

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Neighbor Kids

In the past
when a kid knocked on the door
asking to play

I would grumble under my breath
and start to dread the mess they would make
and the fighting amongst my kids
and the emptying of my snack cupboard.

Why is it that other little kids
are always STARVING at my house?

And most of the kids that would come to play were older,
not wanting to play with my kids so much,
as they wanted to play with their toys,

and break them, and in some cases, take them.

and my kids generally play well together,
and are good friends and confidants in secret adventures
its really cute to hear and see.

But when neighbor kids arrive,
they hate each other
and no one can play together
and toys CANNOT be shared with a sister.

we had a mass exodus of families
out of our neighborhood last year

and this summer,
a whole bunch of new ones moved in.
and we have had some fun times.

I don't dread the knock so much.
and I find myself laughing really hard
at the wild adventures that my kids stumble in from.

It was 94 degrees and they had all of Caden's costumes out
I thought they were going to have heat stroke
( Caden is the little Ben 10 with the skunk head, yeah, don't know...)

And by golly
one of the neighbor kids
did the impossible.

He taught Caden how to ride his bike.

Ryan and I have been trying for a year,
and after a 10 second tutorial from Jackson,
Caden is now zipping around with the big kids.

Its been good times in the neighborhood
this summer,
despite the sunburns and mosquito bites
good times.

Friday, July 9, 2010

Ordinary Miracle

This picture
is mind blowing to me

this is how they were
in my belly

I go back and forth between thinking
that its kinda freaky looking
and that it is a really beautiful miracle
that they are here
and that it was possible.

I mostly swing towards the miraculous side.

I also think that Brittany
(the photographer)
is miraculous
for turning
my black
chub hiding sweater,
undone hair, and almost no makeup
Into this,
which I love

My mother in law asks me constantly
"Do you feel special yet?"
"Do you feel chosen?"

The answer is a resounding
Every day

I feel constantly that my life is a miracle
not of my own making
I am grateful
and humbled
and hopeful

P.S. Pictures were taken by the fabulous Brittany
of Brittany Davis Photography
and Love Stitched

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Defying Orders

I went in to check on the troops
who had been ordered
to take their morning nap

Obviously someone was being defiant.

and seemed pretty happy
to be getting away with it.

Collin was oblivious to it all.

I sat down to work on my goal
of getting back into the blogging mode.

Then he insisted
on being smack in the middle
of all the business
by arching and crying
if I tried to type,
and smiling and cooing
if I stopped and talked to him.

See people?
Its not my fault.
My babies are anti-blogging.

But for real,
I am going to be trying to catch up.
Be patient,
and keep coming back,
good things await you.