Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Myringotomies and other such nonsense...

has had a big day today
and its only 10:00 am

Cutest little munchkin
in a hospital gown
that I ever did see

He doesn't even walk yet
and they still gave him little grippy socks
"just in case."

In case of what?
In case he decided
to stand up and tap dance
while under anesthesia?
Oh, okay, sure,
Just in case.

and don't worry about that bracelet chafing
he kicked that thing off before they even took him back
evidently not made for baby sized ankles

Poor buddy was pretty hungry
since he couldn't eat after midnight
and he usually has a 6:30 am bottle
he decided to try to eat his leads instead

Classic gown gap
at least they give them little pants
to keep their legs and bum warm

They have never given me pants to wear
to keep my bum covered
when I was having "gap" issuses
Lucky kid

The doctor was running late
so we had to wait in the post op room for a bit
Keegs was so hungry he almost ate the diaper bag
but was otherwise a really good sport

He forgave Dr. Porter pretty quickly
since he brought him this cute bear to chew on

His little ribbon says
Dr. Porter Loves Me

I wish i had gotten a picture of the crew
that came to get Keegan
Tall blond young doctor
Tall blond young male nurse
Tall blond young Anesthesiologist

The three of them walking down the hall
with Keegan in tow was quite the sight.

He told me not to even go to the bathroom
they would be back so fast
I thought they were exaggerating.

I stood up
made a bottle
sat down
texted Ryan
and the doctor was back

saying Keegan would be out in a minute
and that they were all done
and he did great.

I could here him screaming from down the hall
as they brought him to me.

But as soon as they let him eat
all was right with the world

After the bottle he was
out for the count.

The doctor said they all cracked up
when they saw his "designer diapers"

Thanks grandma for the blue jean diapers
to fancy up his bum for the big day
They were a big hit

The kid
is now napping and playing and eating
like nothing new is going on
despite having woken up at 5:30 am

Mom is definitely feeling the 5:30 am
and wishing that she was napping at this point
but I am so glad all went off without a hitch
and hopefully the weeks of ear infections
followed by weeks of antibiotics
and tummy troubles are over

We're ready to have our sweet giggly baby back