Monday, May 3, 2010

Showin' the Love

is what happens
when I leave the boys on the couch to nap
while I try to pick up the never ending pile of crap
that makes its way downstairs

I turn around
and Kenna
has "decorated" them.

They are tolerating it
in what has come to be their "normal way"

continues to sleep
laid back and chill
even with the adhesives
that are being smashed
all over his face

is not okay
with being interrupted from his normal routine
in any way
even when it is his sister declaring her
for him.

He obviously doesn't realize the sacrifice
she has made for him
by sharing her beloved pink heart stickers
so he can know she loves him.

p.s. yes, it is a Monday afternoon,
and yes Kenna is wearing her velvet Christmas dress
and yes, Collin is wearing only a diaper currently.
please just remember that i have 5 kids
6 and under
and don't judge me too harshly