Thursday, February 17, 2011

Puke Party... His Crib... Midnight

The kid just can't help it
He's a born cheeser

Even when
he has just woken us up at midnight
after rolling his head around

in a huge puke puddle.

He was
happy as a little clam
all through the shower
and through Ryan and I
gagging our way
through changing his bedding
and getting it all in the washer.

He immediately
starts smiling and waving

and trying to grab
anytime he sees a camera
or any kind of picture of himself.

Even when
smelling beyond all nastiness
and with puke dripping from his ears
and covering his jammies.

So glad he was enjoying himself
I seriously wanted to cry.
The only time he cried
was when I put him back in his bed
and turned off the light

Then he was seriously ticked

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Blogging Deterents

I have many reasons why I can't seem to catch up on the blog
But the main reasons are named


and Keegan

They are crawling

they are pulling up on everything and cruising around

they are dumping everything that they can reach

they are eating everything they see
(this does not mean it is all meant to be eaten)

and EVERY time I sit down at the computer
a special alarm must go off
because they immediately crawl in
and hang on my legs whining/crying to be picked up.

The babies are 9 months (well, ten now)
The doctor wouldn't see us this month
because we were 12 minutes late to the appointment.

Yes, 12 minutes

The sign even says,
if you are more than 15 minutes late
you may be asked to reschedule
wasn't even 15 let alone more than 15

Heartless, unfeeling, rude, non compassionate
do not have 5 kids six and under doctors office.

I started crying in the office
and I generally don't cry
because I had worked so hard
to even make it there with 5 kids
and I was so sick I could barely breathe
and I had a fever
and they didn't budge.

Can you tell I am still bitter about this?

Because I am

So we have no official 9 month stats for the twins

They are huge.
Bigger than any of my other babies at this age

Crawling earlier than any of the others
(the week before they were 8 months)

Finally, consistently sleeping from 9pm to 8 am
Did you hear that?
I said
consistently sleeping from 9pm to 8am
(Happy Happy Happy dances going on in this house)

Eating everything they can reach
and begging for bites of the rest
They eat buckets of the gerber fruit puffs
and drink GALLONS of formula
I am so lucky I could do breastmilk for 8 months
Who can afford that formula crud times 2?
Its killing our budget

Keegan has 5 teeth
(two on top, three on the bottom)

Collin has 8 teeth
(four on top, four on the bottom)

They crack me up when they are together.
They steal the same toy from each other
back and forth and back and forth
they don't cry,
they just reach and take it back.

Keegan is forever,
pushing Collin over and stealing his binky
even if he already has a binky in his mouth.
and then he takes his out and puts Collin's in.

This seriously ticks Collin off,
and hurts his feelings
He screams
and then big fat tears start rolling down his face
Keegan thinks this is so funny
and laughs
and wiggles and waves the binky around in the air.

They go crazy in the Johnny Jumper things.
Hands in the air
little legs going as fast as they can make them go
jumping jumping jumping
they are so wild they bump into each other
and that makes them swing around
and they giggle and start all over again.

They aren't very snuggly/cuddly anymore
which makes me sad
They love to be held and carried around
but they are in constant wiggly motion in your arms
Climbing up you
or swiveling from side to side
to see everything all at once.

I deserve to have some amazing arms
for all of the hefting and carrying I do.
Too bad I really don't.

I am constantly amazed at how different they are
they look nothing alike
and have VERY different personalities

Collin is a better sleeper
and gets really grouchy when he is tired
He falls asleep almost immediately when I lay him down
and usually wakes up happy and alert
He has darling dimples
and will bust them out every once in a while
but is a pretty serious little fellow

(His cheeser smile)
and it doesn't take much to hurt his feelings.
He will grin when he is happy
but it takes some work to get a giggle
and his rare belly laughs are worth their weight in gold.

He is generally healthy
and although he eats the exact same thing
in the exact same amounts as Keegan
he is a chubber in comparison,
over 20 lbs and you can tell.

He sat up first
Got teeth first
and mastered crawling first
He skipped right over army crawling
and went straight for the real deal.

If you wave at him and say Bye-Bye
he will wave back and say bye-bye
and he raises his eyebrows at you
when you are talking to him
like he is really trying to understand.
His eyes are blue blue blue
and his hair is still blondy blond

I love it.

Keegan is a hit and miss sleeper
he would do great for two nights, bad for three
but has gotten better and better
since getting tubes in his ears.
He crawls around his crib and plays
for a while before conking out
and we usually find him
in the weirdest positions when we check.

He wakes up with wild hair,
flushed cheeks, and glazed over eyes
and it takes him a few minutes to really wake up.
I love this
because it is the only time he will let me squish him close

Keegan has huge eyes with KILLER eye lashes
He is a social bug and just making eye contact with him
gets him so excited that he wiggles and grins
and waves his hands in the air.
Someone saying his name makes him giggle
and any funny face, game of peek-a-boo, or growling voice
can make him belly laugh until he gets the hiccups

He is so easily distracted
that I have a hard time getting him to eat or drink a bottle
because he has to see everything and touch everything.

He is a master jumper and can go forever.
Just saying the words jumpy jumpy
makes him immediately start jumping,
no matter where he is.

He is at least 3 lbs smaller than Collin if not more
and seems wiry and fragile in comparison
He has been following behind Collin in reaching milestones,
but not by much more than a few days.

He HATES being left behind and cries
if you walk by him
when his arms are reaching to be picked up.

If Collin is mad or upset he cries big fat tears
If Keegan is, he throws whopping tantrums.
Arches, kicks, screams,
throws his binky and pushes his blanket away.
When I am not super tired and frustrated,
I think its kind of funny to watch.

His hair is getting longer
and after the bath
or if it gets wet it goes super curly.

Its amazing to me
that it has almost been 10 months.
It has had its moments for sure,
but it is nowhere near the nightmare
that people were saying it would be.

I wish they would stay little longer.
I wish they still liked to be held and snuggled.
I hope that they will keep loving each other

It has been a steep learning curve
and not without tears and frustration
but worth all of the moments,
all of them,
good and bad.

Worth the sleepless nights
and frustrating days
and saggy skin and stretch marks

We've come a long way from there to here
I would do it again in a second
and I think I would try to enjoy it even more