Thursday, April 14, 2011

The Giggle Pile

The straight faces and nice smiles don't last long
Because once one person starts giggling,
the whole pile starts to wobble 


and thats even funnier
and with every person laughing 

How could the babies resist 
such a huge pile of happiness

They didn't really get the point of the game
But they knew they wanted to be part of it.
And they laughed alongside the giggle pile

Because like I said
How could they resist.

The mood from a pile of happiness is contageous

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Discovery Park with the Family

I love that
in our little World
means so much more 
than just my brothers and sisters.

So when I say that the family went to the park
that means that


my sisters sister in law and her kids

Michael (pushing) and Carter (in Blue)
her brother and his kid

My sister

 and her husband 

Brynley Bug
 and kid


and my sister in law with her two kids

Jovan, Cali and Hayli
one of my very bestest friends and her kids

and Ryan 

 and I


and our kids went to the park,

oh, and one of Caden's friends from school.

Pretty safe to say we DOMINATED the park that day.
The weather was PERFECT and we had TONS of fun.
 Yay for the park in the springtime!

 P.S.- It is a really good thing
I decided not to bring my bow and arrows
or my horse
to the playground
because they are NOT allowed
This sign seriously cracked me up

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Thanksgiving Point

One of the  
best investments we make every year
is a pass to Thanksgiving point

My kids never get tired of the dinosaur museum.

They never get tired of 25 cent ice cream cones after either.

The babies have reached the
ripe old age of being able to eat dairy
so they got to have their first cones

It may be putting it midly 
to say that they loved it.
If it even looked like I was reaching for the cones 
they would shreak 
and arch
and clamp on with both hands
so that I could not take them away.

Collin made a huge mess
by eating the bottom of the cone first 
so whatever stayed in the top of the cone when upside down
then melted and ran out the bottom when turned right side up.

I don't know if Keegan spilled a drop. 
He ate every last piece of the dang thing.

I took this on the way out.
Cute kid huh?

I am such an observant mom 
that we were there for two hours
and as we were leaving

I noticed this.
What do you do huh?
I chose to laugh and move on

but secretly I was wondering how many people
were thinking 
"how the crap could his mom
let him leave the house that way."

But that quickly left too
and I just laughed again.
and got in the car

Monday, April 11, 2011

Big Boys with Big Boy Haircuts

We were looking pretty shaggy 
as we approached the big day

My mother in law informed me 


that Keegan was starting to look 
kind of girly
I even got these text pictures

while she was babysitting one day

They made me laugh 
and I got the message.

So we had a little haircut party in the kitchen. 
 and they didn't love it so much,

But I love that Keegan
doesn't look homeless
and neglected anymore
 (however I miss playing with the wild, curly, silky hair)

and that Collin's is now short enough

that we can spike that blondness right up

Big Boys with Big Boy Haircuts
Pretty cute huh?