Tuesday, October 27, 2009

14 weeks

For those of you
who have been asking

This is what a
14 week belly
with twins in it
looks like.

Still got chub
not doing the bare belly thing

Have lost 1 lb
1 whopping pound
since I got pregnant,

so far have gained, 0lb
But its coming
Oh I know its coming.


Kasi said...

but you still look TINY!!! Did you do HCG? Did it work? How much did you lose?

Megan said...

Yeah, you look great! You'll have to be sure to give us regular updates with pictures! I STILL can't believe you're having twins. How exciting!

Heather said...

So exciting! You totally upstaged me with the girls :)! I'm glad you are feeling better!

ambyr said...

you look so stinkin adorable!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! you look even skinnier than when I saw you!!!!!!

Natalie said...

You don't even look big!!! I think it is cute. Thank you for the picture!

Hubba's Thoughts said...

Wow, you look great!! Cute little tummy!! Good luck with your pregnancy!!

TwinkleBee said...

Your baby ticker has little aliens floating in it. Did you name them yet? Chief Coray and Lola Ray? You have a cute belly, as Holly would say.. "skinny b****" haha- Live it up! Love you lots thanks for the phone call!

Brittany Davis Photography said...

love your little belly....i can't wait to see it grow :)

Kristi said...

so so darling and no matter how much "chub" you feel you have, you'll always be blessed with your mile long legs and GORGEOUS hair. you got assets girl, just accept it. :)