Saturday, December 10, 2011

It’s A Christmas Miracle

All five 
are looking in the general direction of the camera

No one is crying

No one is screaming

I was able to crop out the candy cane bribes
(that kept the two above mentioned things from happening)

They are all staying in the near vicinity of where they were placed

No one can see what Ryan and I were doing 
to get the above pictured children 
to do or not do 
the above mentioned things

While not all are smiling
the majority don’t look like they are being tortured

I count this venture a whopping success.
Merry Christmas to me
I survived the adventure with my sanity intact

Well, mostly intact anyway.


Ruthykins said...

awesome picture! your kids are all cute, too, and that helps

Randi Gardner said...

but what is up with Santa? Whats he doing? Man your kids are growing up! I have not visited the blog for a while! Glad to see such a cute picture! Merry Christmas to the Price Family!

Anonymous said...

Cute picture! I feel your pain!

Amy Bagaso Williams said...

What a cute picture! THAT is a miracle.