Monday, December 7, 2009

Let it Snow, Let it Snow, Let it Snow

Oh the weather outside is frightful,

But the fire is so delightful

and since we've no place to go

Let it Snow

Let it Snow

Let it Snow

I did spend two hours in the tire store
with four rowdy children
because my car chose today
to get a flat.

but now that we are home
I am going to sit in the cozy chair
and read a book
as it snows out side.

P.S.- Got reamed out by my neighbor
for sliding the shovel along the sidewalk with one hand.
(This could in no way be considered shoveling)

I have several things to say about this

I know my own limits, and I am not stupid

the second she wants to come in and change over laundry
and change poopy bums and haul kids around and do all of the other things that I have to do in my life that are considered part of my job and are way more difficult physically, is the second that I start listening to people telling me what I should and should not do (i.e. push a half inch of snow around with a shovel.)

But dearest neighbor,
Thank you for your concern
I am fine


Sara Newton said...

Grace and I have been singing that song for a week now! I love your decorations, so wonderful!

Kasi said...

I love your decorations! Did you find out what you are having yet??

ambyr said...

your house looks so warm and cozy and I'm loving all of your christmas decorations!!! Wish I were there to snuggle with you guys. merry christmas!!!! love you!!!!

Ruthykins said...

at least you talk to your neighbors. i couldn't even begin to tell you the names of the people who live next to me. i love the snow. i love that song. this post makes me feel warm.

Jamie Moyer said...

Andi, your comment on my blog cracked me up! I wish you were here to help me eat all of it...I'd love to share the calories:) If you ever move back to Waky, consider yourself invited to our annual christmas cookie bake! I'd love that:)