Monday, June 29, 2009

I found where my stress free existance went...

It went to
Zermatt Resort and Spa
in Midway Utah.

that's where I found it

I had forgotten
that I had purchased
a membership to this club
that gave us a weekend getaway
for Ryan's Birthday
Last Year.

It was going to expire
on June 30
so we thought,
this weekend sounds good.

Ryan's mom graciously agreed
to watch the kids

and off we went.

There was a huge brunch
$30 bucks a person huge
(brunch for 2 was part of the package)
I royally screwed the diet

and ate whatever I wanted.

We then checked out our room.
(Which was awesome)
and headed to the pool

see the pictures of us

We used the Resorts
(had to work off that brunch)

steam room,
(eucalyptus mist and blue and red lighting)

and relaxation center
(Think dreamy quiet room, with soft music,
dim lighting, comfy chairs, a fire place
and essential oils being diffused.)

Then headed to dinner
which was also amazing.
(and included with the vouchers so FREE!)

A round on the 18 hole putting greens
(again, included in the vouchers)

and a little shuffle board.

All feelings of stress melted away.

The bed was lovely and comfy.
I didn't want to wake up.

Need to get away?
Need to relax?
Need to reclaim your stress free life?
This place was primo.
and the customer service was
Beyond Compare.
I would go back tomorrow.

We loved it so much
that we renewed our membership
so we could go again.

Little slice of heaven,
right there in Midway Utah.

and I am happy to report,
that we have been making
some rockin progress
on the board o' projects.

Yeah for my stress free life coming back!
and for my favorite man ever
who works his tale off to make me happy.
Lucky lucky girl
Right Here.

P.S. Ryan wants me to mention
that we have done
TONS of other projects and cleaning
in addition to what was on the list as well.


Caitlin said...

What a cool place? Is the laid-back-stress-free-easy-going Andi back now that you are getting projects checked off? Anyway, you look great! Also, Brookie introduced me to a new blog that you might Tell me what you think...

Caitlin said...

Sorry, I meant: What a cool place! Not "place?".

BBB said...


TwinkleBee said...

the man called me. i didn't answer. I so wish i could have this weekend as well... just have no mulah for it. Lucky girl! I need a vacation so bad!

Kristi said...

Seriously?!? That looks AMAZING. And Andi, in one of your pictures, I thought, "Wow, Andi's lost some weight" and looked on your ticker and saw you're down 20 lbs!!! You go girl!

Steve said...

Yeah, I can't even tell you how jealous I am. Steve and I haven't had a night, let alone a weekend away since Colin was born. It's been almost 3 1/2 yrs since he was born and I can't even remember when we did something before that. How sad. It looked like a great place to stay and de-stress. I'm glad you were able to do it!

Steve said...

That last post was from me (Megan), but I accidentally posted under Steve's name. Sorry!

TwinkleBee said...

your readers miss you. Come back :)