Wednesday, June 24, 2009

OVERWHELMED in all capital letters


have a very
non stressed
outlook on life

if things don't get done,
then they don't get done,

I will get to it.
(Notice clutter in the background)

If my kids are in pajamas all day,
(Okay, if I am in pajamas)
and there are dirty dishes in the sink
oh well.

I have been
My non stressed lifestyle
went flying away
to some far away land
that I cannot find.

Wouldn't yours
with laundry piles a mile high
(dryer currently broken)

and stacks of bills and papers
to file and shred
like this

with a sewing project pile
like this

and a million painting projects
that look like this

I could go on.
But Ryan would hate me
if I posted a picture
of my master bathroom
on here

During one of my meltdowns,
Ryan suggested
he take a week off of work

just to stay home and do projects.
Deep clean and sort and paint
from top to bottom.
Things we never get to.
That have been stacked away for

I started a list.
It just kept growing
and growing.

My friend looked at it
and said

"My, that's ambitious"

Yes it is,
but I feel like if these things were done,
breathing in and out
would become easier.

Today is day #1
Three items off the list already.
My heart is lightening
as we speak.

as is the load in my closet.

I keep trying to visualize my happiness
when all of the someday projects
get done.
instead of focusing on the mess,
that true organization creates
before it can get better.

Wish me luck
or some Xanax
I might need that too!


Kasi said...

holy cow, what a list!!! I wish I could spend a week with Kevin getting stuff done around here!!! I can't wait to see pics of your finished projects.

James and Cami said...

Thats qutie the list there Andi! I need to finish projects and get ready for baby #3, which i am still in denial about, but right now i don't want to do anything and am barely getting the everyday things done. Me soooo lazy!

ann said...

doesn't everyone have a list like that?

TwinkleBee said...

ok first off, you have great handwriting. Second off How cool is it that your husband is taking a week off to get all this done!? Kids will love having him there too. I"m soo happy you are doing this, it will relieve stress. You sound ambitious and like you beat yourself up when everythings not done like someone I know... me. wish i could be there to help. I see on your list get rid of unused toys. Have a massive garage sale. I have found the less stuff i have the less i have to dust, clean/pick up, and the cleaner my house generally feels. Declutter/dejunk it will make you feel better (i'm in that process now) Have holly set outside and sell your stuff while you work on projects. Living in utah, i bet tons of new moms would love some discount toys! Love you! Good Luck!

TwinkleBee said...

p.s. YOu weren't kidding when you said you had alot of sewing projects. Ones with very adorable fabric.

Kristi said...

where to begin? i've been out of town with dial-up internet so i'm just now checking your blog and i'm in love with all your posts! HEART the apron. Last night i put mine on to make dinner (wear it every night) and i told Byron "i love wearing this apron". i think all women everywhere need one of your aprons. love Cohen as a Mermaid, cracked me up; kenna sleeping melted my heart and seeing your list brought me back to college days when you would (we both would) not shower for days, stay up all day and all night cramming in school wook we should have done earlier, then completely groom ourselves at 2 am and completely clean and organize our room, to then go out for some good food and crash. Ryan is the man for taking off of work and being your partner in all of this. I'm sending you good thoughts!
love your guts,
pa: hey Andi, let's kill this pig. :)

Brittany and Johnse said...

that is quite the list :) good luck!

Little Lady~bug said...

Well I hope you can get everything done and move on to the fun things that summer brings! I love putting things together and getting them done...poor Neal he can never find anything he puts down. I love cleaning! Good luck

Celia Marie (W.) B. said...

Andi it's good to find you! You're looking good (even if you are running frazzled!!!) and I love your cute aprons.