Monday, June 29, 2009

What's a Cowboy Town worth if it doesn't have a little Rodeo?

Our little town
has a rodeo
every year.

and man,
is it a big deal,
to this little town.

You rarely see so many
"interesting" people
all together in one place.
All walks of life.

My kids
get the most excited
about the snow cones.

was so excited to go
all day long
she kept asking if it was time yet.
We had not been there
10 minutes
and she was dead out.
for about an hour.

It was Vienna and Rachel's
First Rodeo.

Glad we could break you in girls!

and Philip,
thanks for being such a good sport
about the blue snow cone

that Cohen
was determined

to douse you with.

1 comment:

TwinkleBee said...

ahhhh... wish i could have been there!! Love kenna's ponytail. Is that her natural curls? Love me some rodeo.