Friday, June 5, 2009

Just call me the Apple Whisperer

I bought a bag of apples
at Walmart

This morning as I was cleaning
I kept finding more and more
and more and more
and more apples.

Here is the entire bag.

Lovely huh?

the best part is,
I can tell exactly who was eating the apples.
Each of my kids has a very distinct
apple eating pattern.

The random biter
anywhere he picks it up
and his lips land.

the apple flattener.
She starts on one side and keeps eating
straight across.
But usually only half the apple.

The ring around the apple eater
he only likes the parts with the peel
once he has eaten all the peel off
he considers it done.

Mostly because he doesn't
want to accidently eat the "nuts"
that are in the middle.

Ryan doesn't eat apples,
and this one was mine.

I think I am going to start hiding them
and handing them out on special occasions.

Cut them up you say?
My kids won't usually eat them this way.
They are
that way.

This means I get to eat
a boatload
of cut up brown apples.

Definitely hiding them

from now on.


Ash & Jon said...


ann said...

I would have to say you are right!!
hide those apples...

One of my kids left one in the car for several days we could have used it as a science project!! GROSS!!

Caitlin said...

That's hilarious! Saxon will eat the whole apple, core and all. I know he's been into the apples when I find little apples chunks that he spit out along the way, all over my floor.

Peter & Sarah Damaska said...

I love it! I love all your posts, actually, but have a hard time commenting since I'm usually feeding Annie at the same time. :) Your kids are just great.

BTW, the Chief is in Goshen. By the movie theater and Hacienda. And we'll be around for the Fair, too. Maybe we can hook up!? We plan our summer around coming home for the fair.

Yay, I love keeping in touch with you again!

Ruthykins said...

that's awesome. your kids sound really cool.

BBB said...

This is hilarious. I love it!!!

Erickson Family said...

you'd think you were talking about cookies they way you'll have to hide them. The funny thing is that I hide the apples from my kids too! They didn't used to let me cut them either, but then one time about a year ago I told them they could not even look at that bag of delicious apples unless they let me cut them. I would cut one up and eat it myself right in front of them and they still refused for about 4 days and then they couldn't stand the juicy-ness any more and started stealing my cut up ones. LOL Tricked again!!!