Saturday, June 20, 2009

A Cherry Pickin' Party

Ryan's Friend Joe
from work
told us
that they had WAY too many cherries.
They didn't want the worms,
or the birds
to get them,
and they didn't want them
to be squishy messes in their yard either.

So what were we supposed to do?
other than politely unload them
of their burden.

We all went armed with our buckets
and joined the party.

What do you do at a pickin party?
Pick right?
Unless you are
talking on your phone,
from way up in a tree.

loud enough
for the whole neighborhood to hear it.

forgot all about the cherries
when one of the other little girls
the magic word.

We had to haul her out of their playroom
Kicking and screaming
two hours later.

We came home with
Buckets and Buckets of Cherries.
We ate
Buckets and Buckets of Cherries
while we were there.

We have
Buckets and Buckets of Cherries
to share
Come on over.


Ruthykins said...

mmm, i love cherries. i've never had fresh picked ones though

{Erica} said...

wish I could come over. We had a cherry tree that was huge. We'd spend many summer evenings climbing barefoot all over that tree, eating the cherries and getting in trouble for spitting the pits down below (believe once you step in sticky gross cherry pits that just came from another person's mouth you'll understand why we'd get in trouble :P). So fun!