Monday, June 1, 2009

Father and Son

This is a story

about a boy

and his dad

and the boys camera
(that had a very large smudge on the lense
so all the pictures are a tad blurry)
But this is about the boy and his camera right?
Not about the 5 yr old's photography skills.

This boy and his dad left on Friday morning
because the dad was in charge of the
Church Father and Son Camp Out.
This boy could NOT have been more excited.
He could barely sleep the night before
because in the morning.
He was going camping
"Just my dad and me"

The mom begged them to take some good pictures.
The boy said
"Okay mom, They gonna be on the blog?"
"For sure" the mom replied.
"I'll take lots then."

He documented his trip well.

The boy picked some flowers for the mom.
(This melted the mom's heart,
even though the picture of them is all that made it home)

and then he insisted
that the Dad hold them for a picture too.

The boy and his dad slept in a tent

and the dad accidentally locked him in there in the morning.
Luckily dad was there to bust him out
(the zipper got stuck)

It was a toss up
what was the best part
of this "boys only" camp out.

The boy said the four wheeling was fun.

But so was peeing in the woods.

The mom was so happy
1. That the boys had a great time
2. That they remembered to take pictures,
3.That she didn't have to deal with peeing in the woods.

The mom also can't wait for next year
when both her little boys
get to go with the dad
on the camping trip.


Brittany and Johnse said...

how fun...a memory he will always remember!

Ruthykins said...

can't wait for my little boy to do something like this.

Ash & Jon said...
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Ash & Jon said...

Caden looks like he had a fabulous time!!! P.S. Did you get my email response?