Monday, June 22, 2009

Sometimes you forget

I forget
That its okay
if she picks her own clothes

and its okay
if her hair ends up a mess
because she was five different princesses
all in one day.

and its okay
if she doesn't eat all of her dinner.

and its okay
if she wakes me up
at midnight
because she had a scary dream
or her legs hurt.

and then
I see her like this
I remember
I love
this precious thing
in my life.

I remember
her giggle
and her snaggle tooth grin
and her strong little arms
and her ticklish tummy,
and her affinity
for strawberries and avocados,
and pink milk.

I remember
why it is
that I am a mother

as I carry
her softly snoring
little self

up to her bed.