Thursday, June 18, 2009

Long ago, and far away

Some days
I wish that I lived here
(with all the maids and servants that come with it)

and some days
I wish I could eat here.
The food isn't even that spectacular,
but hello,

and some days
I wish that
Ryan and I
were being Da Vinci code nerds again,

and investigating the
Knights of the Templar Temple and grounds,

or discovering strange and hidden gardens.

And some days
I wish I was
just relaxing on the top of a double decker.
Watching the chaos below and loving every minute.

While holding hands
and taking pictures.

those days were
not today.

Today consisted of
and goobery kisses.

Some days
this is pretty close to perfect
as well.

1 comment:

Ruthykins said...

when did you go to england? that's neat. i've never been off the continent.