Monday, June 8, 2009

Yeah, umm... we had a...great time...I think

My friend Amy called
and invited us for a picnic
and then for some afternoon fun at the park.

The park was lovely.

Shaded with huge trees,
and lots of slides.

I thought
we were having a great time.

Kenna fell off

bonked his head
on this

ran smack into the water fountain,
head first.

And then,
when I uploaded the pictures,
I laughed so hard.

It looks like
they are standing in line
to be tortured.

Not a single smile,
dazed and confused looks on all faces.

So maybe it was just me
that was having a great time
on my shaded little bench
enjoying the nice breeze.


Kristi said...

Seriously, hilarious. So glad you caught it on camera. Glad you at least had a good time! :)

Brittany and Johnse said...

why is that little kids always seem to get "beat" up by everything around them....

Kasi said...

awesome. I swear sometimes I'll get home and look at my pictures and wonder why in the world I took such sad, pathetic photos.

Ruthykins said...

oh, that's funny. i love sitting in the shade while my kids beat them selves up on the park equipment.