Monday, June 15, 2009


I get really frustrated sometimes
when I feel like I have a million things to do
and I can NEVER get them done.

I think,
why can't I get two things done in one day?!

And then pictures like this
remind me why.

This would be
sewing an apron,
and all three of my kids
needing to be within
2 feet
of me

Kenna playing with my earring,
Caden watching a movie on the computer
Cohen along for the ride,
because the other two are there,
why shouldn't he be?

Anytime I needed to Iron
or cut
I had to shoo them off the desk,
and two seconds later,
they were back.

While this
often induces feelings of claustrophobia
in me
I guess
its better than
them dumping kool aid on the kitchen floor
or crunching a whole bag of chips into the carpet.

or being teenagers
who stay out late
and want nothing to do with me.

I guess.

I know its better.

I need to remind myself
to enjoy
these moments of Claustrophobia.


I will have lots of time
to get my list done.

I hope.


Kasi said...

oh my gosh, I KNOW!!! Why would my kids rather watch me fold clothes than play with their toys or watch TV or even EAT!!

BBB said...

Dude. 19 years later (since birthing her last), 5 kids grown, but 3 still living at home (bugging her most of the time and leaving messes for her to clean up) and my mom is still trying to get that to-do list done. We're in it for the long haul baby!

James and Cami said...

Ha that is hilarious! So the truth though, they want to be where you are! I don't know how you get things done. I feel like i can't do anything right now and i only have 2, but the heck am i going to do with 3...ahhh.

Ruthykins said...

it's times like this that i can breathe a sigh of relief. i only have two i need to worry about. i can't imagine how much busier my life would be if i had to worry about three.