Friday, June 12, 2009

To go Amish or not to go Amish

I am having this

To enter
or not to enter.

To stress my self out
work my poor sewing machine to death

or to slowly build up my stock.

To pay the exorbitant entry fee
in hopes of making a killing,

or to save my cash this year,
and maybe plan on next year.

All of this
over the

"Amish Acres Arts & Crafts Festival

Where Arts meet Folk & Folks meet Art"

Those of you who are not from Indiana

what a big shebang this is.
Its huge.

And after talking to the nice lady,
She thinks that my application would be accepted.
and that we would do well there.

And then my dad
(my ever present voice of reason)
reminds me of the economy.
and how hard it is right now.

and then I think,
I don't have much money either,
but I would buy an apron for $24.
and I would only have to sell 30
to make it really worth it.

and I could get all the
twinkle bee
gang in there.

and we could Really have a good time.

I would have to sew my fingers to the bone.
(Not necessarily a bad thing)

I guess it all comes down to,
its a gamble,
and I'm not much of a gambler.
I don't have great luck,
and I really can't afford to go in the hole,
over this hair brained scheme of mine.

But maybe I wouldn't.

See the dilema?

I could use some advice.

What do you think.
Go Amish?
Not go Amish?


Ruthykins said...

from my experience "going amish" is usually a good idea. i say go for it. nice vacay, plus make moolah.

Brittany and Johnse said...

I am on the fence right now to about a craft show in September...I hate to take a risk...I can't answer that for you...sorry!

Caitlin said...

Do it do it do it! You would get your trip and possibly pay for it. :) And just for you, I had 2 carrot cupcakes in your honor. Did you see the Nienie chocolate cake? Yum! I'm making it for you when you are done starving yourself. And, you'll be so skinny you won't even feel bad about eating it!

Sarah Damaska said...

If you go Amish, you have to let me know so that I can come home and go Amish, too!!

BBB said...

Unfortunately I am another voice of reason... When I can't afford to go in the hole, then I don't take the risk of going in the hole. I say save up, build up your stock, and wait til next year, when you can go and have fun without worrying that you're trip is dependent upon you making a killing at the festival.