Saturday, June 13, 2009

Forget Disneyland... Buy a Plastic Tub

I could here whispering,
then a huge crash,
then WILD giggling.

Usually not a good sign in the Price household.

So I jumped up from the sewing chair
and went to investigate.

I found all three of the kids
playing trap you in the tub.

One would get under it
and the other two would scramble
to find all the heavy things
they could get their hands on.

Things like
a fly swatter,

and a gold dollar,
and a stuffed Bambi toy
and and empty sippy cup.

Caden rejected the purse at first,
but then accepted
it once some of Kenna's shoes were put inside.

I thought Kenna and Cohen would freak out
being trapped while the stuff was piled on.

Kenna just took some chips in there with her
and chomped away.

When all the heavy things were stacked on
they all yelled
and threw the tub off
and the stuff would crash and scatter.

Then the crazy laughter would begin.

Then it would start all over again
with the next kid.

Why do I spend money on
the zoo,
and the dinosaur museum?
I have plenty of plastic tubs at home
to keep them busy for days.

I think next I will show them
how to turn them into cars,
and we will have a drive in movie
in the living room.


Kasi said...

that's how I feel about rope. My kids love robe, string, ribbon, yarn etc. They pretend it's a snake (Emily's favorite) or a leash or whatever. It creates hours of fun. I keep finding myself throwing away little pieces of string, and then think, wait a minute, this will keep them quite for an hour or more!
PS I am ALL for you coming to the Amish fair!! Because I will be there!! I mean, not selling anything, but spending as much as Kev will let me!

Ruthykins said...

a few months ago we bought a bigger tv. the box was really big so i cut off the flaps and cut a whole on one side. my son had a nice dog house in his room for about a week. also, they dump out the toy buckets and pretend they are boats or stack them like snowmen.