Wednesday, July 8, 2009

No, Handi Andi is not locked in a closet somewhere.

My sister Rachel
called me today.

She asked me if I was still alive.

Of course I am.

But I am hanging sheet rock
in my storage closet
and then trying to make sure
my shelves are level.

They don't call me
Handi Andi
for nothin.

I meant business
about that
Project List

I will
This mountain o'projects.

And until I do,
I don't have so much blog time.

But the camera has been clicking
and I got some good stuff coming,

Mongolian Wedding
that the MIL
that we attend

As you should be.

I will be back,
with my sanity,
and a completed project list.

I promise.

It just occured to me while editing this
that probably
no one but my sister
has noticed or cared.
Oh well.
Thanks Rachie
for checkin on me.


Kasi said...

I noticed! I was just thinking to myself yesterday, hmm, I wonder why Andy hasn't posted! I can't wait to see pics of all your projects!

kim said...

I'm waiting.....

Sarah Damaska said...

I noticed, too! :) Fair's coming, my friend! Can't wait to see you!

Ruthykins said...

the word "mongolian"certainly piqued my interst!

SPrice said...

Well obviously more than your sister are waiting....
Mil and Tif are hanging on til we see your Mongolian post...