Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Making laundry cool again... One clothesline at a time

It all started with

My traitorous dryer

and really,
I can't complain too much,
it was free
six years ago.

But STILL...

Which led to
severe anxiety
expressed in this post

because my laundry
was backing up faster
than I could blink

and a new dryer
was not exactly in the budget.

The only thing
(besides my kitchen chairs)
that I could dry things on was this.
and that holds
approximately five shirts,
not the three loads a day
that I needed it to hold.

(photo courtesy of Vanessa Zink Photography)

I was yearning for a huge old clothesline,
Like this Rockin' Amish one
but I didn't have the poles
or the line,
or the know how,
or the finances,
to fund this project.

And then I thought of
This very large box of Cat 5 E internet wire
that Ryan rescued from the dumpster
at Walgreens
5 Years ago.
That has been taking up
prime real estate

in my garage
and not being of any use.

Some wire cutters,
the use of the fence posts,
and some handy boy scout knots
gave me
these beauties.

The hot July Sun,
and the never ending Lehi wind.

Have given back to me
my laundry sanity

about 30 minutes
and these babies are warm and dry
Ryan hates that the towels are a little stiff.
It reminds me
of my years on the farm in Indiana,
so I don't mind a bit.

and who knew
that they even created these cute little bags
to hold the clothespins for you
while you are
doing your laundry business.

Got a clothesline?
You should try it out.
See what kind of
laundry bliss
it can bring to you.


James and Cami said...

Awesome! YOu are so creative!!

Bernie and Doll said...

Dang Girl, you ARE pretty "HANDI!" I Love It!

ambyr said...

look at that!! how amazingly creative are you?!! do they smell oh so fresh?!!

TwinkleBee said...

mmm...I want a clothes line!!

Little Lady~bug said...

Hey Andi...I was wondering if you could get me philip's address. You can post it on my blog and then I just wont publish it so it goes to my e-mail address instead! Thanks

Ruthykins said...

but what do you do in the winter time? won't your clothes freeze?

Kristi said...

that's so cool! and it made me laugh because of course you're the only person I know who would have a box of random internet cable in your garage just waiting to be put to a creative use. you go girl.

Erickson Family said...

I love it! Too bad it would take a full 24 hours for anything to dry outside here.

I decided to "google" myself and guess what the first link on the list was? YOU! LOL It was a link to Handi Andi's blog. I thought that was pretty funny!