Monday, July 20, 2009

Moon Lake Moments

Shortly after arriving at
Moon Lake
the men were already fishing,
the natives were getting restless.
So we decided to head to the lodge for a treat.

He we are being Kangaroos
on our walk up there.

I looked up from talking
and thought,
how cute,
they must have found
a caterpillar
or a butterfly
or a grasshopper
or something.
( I so wish I could still sit like that)

Not so much a grasshopper!

and as soon as we finished shrieking
and yanking the kids away from it
Bryn decided to stick her brand new shoes on it
and squish it some more.

I almost puked,
and Holly the germ-o-phobe
didn't know what to do.
One of us screamed
and one of us yanked her off it.
It was a blur of grossness.
(Forgot to take a picture I was so grossed out)

We eventually continued on our way
and ended up at the lodge for blow pops.

You better believe
we took an alternate route back.

To our supreme happiness
The Carcass was gone the next morning.

1 comment:

Ruthykins said...

so glad i was not drinking anything when i saw those pictures and read the story! ha ha ha! i can't stop laughing!