Thursday, July 30, 2009

Nakey Jay Coco Butter

It is
nearly impossible
to keep this child clothed.

It is darn near close to miraculous
if we make it through
an entire day

without a naked episode.

I have found nothing so far
that I can put on him
that he cannot take off.

And he is fast.
Especially if there is
a bath
or a sprinkler

within a a 50 yard radius.

He has even learned
to turn on the bath tub
climb in

in about 30 seconds
so that he is already wet
by the time I hear the tub even turn on.

The minute I come running in
he is already begging
Pease Mommy, pease mommy,
I dirty, I dirty.

I have to put on my
meanest mommy face
( sometimes I have to cough to cover a laugh)
and remind him
1. that we do not take our clothes off
2. that we do not take our diaper off
3. that we do not run around the yard naked
4. that we do not turn on the bath without mommy
5. we do not spill things on purpose so that we are dirty
and have to take our clothes off.

I could go on,
and on.

But the naked kid needs his pajamas
and his bed.
So he has the energy
it all again


Hubba's Thoughts said...

lol, I love it!! I especailly love number 5! Good stuff! Thanksfully Jackson hasn't figured out how to take his diaper off (knock on wood).. Good luck!

Kristi said...

i love that Cohen loves to take baths! we have to force Connor in kicking and screaming and then man handle him to keep him in there long enough to get the built up grim off. Sigh, the grass is always greener...:)