Monday, July 13, 2009

Happy Fourth of July (a week late)

We spent the Fourth
with Ryan's Family
6 of the 7 kids
were in town,
so it was
a huge party.

We started off by showing Aliyah
and Stephanie
Thanksgiving Point's Farm Country.

Our friend Margaret
was working the Pony Rides,
so we got an extra long ride,
all to ourselves.

We decided to take the wagon ride too.
When the driver heard
we were going to be late to the movies
she drove us right up to the movie theater
at the front of Thanksgiving Point.

We felt pretty cool
being delivered to the movies

by horse and carriage.
Evidently other people did to
( we got lots of funny looks)

Then it was home
for the family BBQ
and games.

trampoline time.

Miracle of Miracles
We actually got a picture
of all the grand kids
in one place

It took about 15 shots to get
where they were all looking

And then of course
Sparklers for all.

I let Cohen do sparklers,
and didn't think a thing of it
until Ryan gave one
to the little neighbor boy.
who is four
(Cohen is two)
The mom freaked out and yanked it away.
Muttering how could we have given him one
and how very very dangerous they were.

I guess I am a crappy mom
who loves sparklers
and the Fourth of July.

But Cohen and all the other kids
(except the four year old neighbor)
had a blast.

So did the big kids.

So sad
that Ryan's sisters
already had to head back home.
It was fun to all be together!


kim said...

So fun to have all the grandkids together. They are all so adorable too!!

Randi said...

that picture of tiffany is so cool!

Kristi said...

that sounds that a super fun day! i'm also very impressed by all the projects you're getting done, and i've missed your blogging, but i understand. :) i'll keep checking back to see what's up next.