Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Moon Lake Moments- Part 2- Fishing

I convinced Ryan
it would be fun
to take the kids out fishing on the boat
all together.

They were
beyond excitement
and they hopped and danced
all the way down to the lake

It was evening,
so the water was beautiful
and the temperature was perfect

Handsome Captain

Took us to all the best spots

and then
gave Caden some pointers
on casting and trolling

He wasn't big on the waiting thing
He just wanted to
catch the fish immediately
and move on to the next one

We caught two,
but one hopped right back off the hook
and jumped back in the water
before we could grab him.

The kids thought
I was laughing at their silly dancing
all the way back to camp.

I was really wondering
how they could even walk
with the intense life vest wedgies
they had going on.

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