Friday, April 17, 2009

You know you have the best husband on the planet when...

You get to fly off to Florida
with your sisters
For 4 days.


4 days

Dear husband of mine,
Today consisted of sleeping in until 9.
Don't be jealous, thats seven our time,
but we were women on a mission.

We had to be at pedicures at 10:30.

Then to Hollieanna's for some primo orange juice.
I might have gotten you a primo orange peeler,

For the primo price of $1.25.
You never know.
We then made our way to Daytona Beach

And the infamous Islander Hotel.
We are facing the beach this time.
Gorgeous view.
Gorgeous sand.
HUGE waves.
I keep turning to tell you things.
I am having a fabulous time,
But I miss you.
Miss me too?
I knew it.
More adventures tomorrow.
Lots of love and tons of kisses.

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