Tuesday, April 14, 2009

The Easter Bunny came hopping our way...

And the kids were thrilled!

and then our fabulous Daddy
hid the eggs that Easter Bunny left us.

And they were even more excited!

They already can't wait for Easter next year.

I don't blame them.

I love candy too.

So I was thrilled
at the prospect of aiding my children
in emptying their baskets of candy.

Holly played the nastiest trick ever
by filling the eggs she brought with
WHITE chocolate Reeses eggs.

Who does that?
Dirty rotten trick.

She said it served me right for stealing the kids candy.

I say it is my duty to steal their candy
so that they don't eat it all
and be on a sugar high for days.

I was about ready to denounce her as my sister.
I should tell her Easter Bunny (listen up Cory)
to only bring her peeps next year.
Then we will be even.


Kasi said...

white chocolate? What a mean trick.

Ruthykins said...

the nerve of some people...

Rachel said...

How fun, the kids look adorable.

Caitlin said...

Cute pictures! I take it your camera is back?

TwinkleBee said...

haha I love the candy wars!! couldn't be better than between two hardcore candy lovers. hehe. the kids look adorable!!! Can't wait to see you!!

BBB said...

Then she'll bring chocolate mousse or orange cream peeps.

Bernie and Doll said...

now now now...here i was thinking of you...WHITE chocolate instead of BROWN for the sake of your couches and the huge mess of BROWN everywhere and i get the blame....hehehe ok honestly, i was saving the REAL chocolate for ME :) have fun with the fake stuff :)

Erickson Family said...

must be a "Jones" thing. I steal my kids candy too. The best is Halloween. They think I'm the coolest mom cuz I let them go around the neighborhoods twice. Little do they know it's cuz I want a bigger variety of candy to loot through!!!! BUUUAAAAHHHAHAHAHAHA!!!

Erickson Family said...

o ya. I like the white choc. Especially right after giving birth when I'm nursing and can't eat milk or dark. Bless the candy companies that make my favs in white!

Kristi said...

oh man, peeps are the worst. Holl Doll better watch her back. :)