Friday, April 10, 2009

Bloggy Bloggy Blah Blahs

So I am feeling what can only be called
the bloggy bloggy blah blahs.


My Camera is broken
and hopefully being raised from the dead as we speak.
(Appropriate don't you think? since its the Easter season.)
And what is a good blog without good pictures?
Its not.
Thats what.


My kids have been reasonably well behaved the past few days.
Which is blessedly peaceful,
but does not induce creative posting
as I am not one of those moms
that thinks that everyone needs to hear
how constantly angelic their children
are every several hours.
My kids are cute for sure,
but kids are never as cute to others
as they are to their own parents.
And don't worry, we have had our share of naughty,
just not blog worthy naughty.


I have been trying to drag out all of my projects
that I have been storing up to work on "someday"
Its obscene really what a collector of projects I am.
This is why Holly had to make me swear to finish the bathroom that very day.
I don't know why I think I have the time to do the projects
that I am always so sure will look so awesome.
Because they don't look awesome in a jumbled pile
in the closet, under my stairs.
They just look like a jumbled pile of junk.
One by one
I have been trying to sand and paint and sew
my way through them.
But true to form
I am about halfway though all of them,
not finished with any.

I think I may be ADD.
Can you tell from this post?
Random thoughts.
Start one thing, then move to another
forgetting what the first was.
Great intentions always.
Rarely great follow through.

As a justification however,
I did mail the aprons I promised.


My house is in the blah stage as well.
Not spanking clean,
but not truly a pit (yet)
I want to paint my cabinets.
But I can't justify doing this until my house
is the above mentioned, spanking clean.
I just can't seem to manage this.

See what I mean?
Nothing horrid,
but nothing really great.
The bloggy bloggy blah blahs.

Hopefully my camera will come back to me soon.
Hopefully my kids will keep being decent
(not holding my breath)
Hopefully I will find the time and the will power
to finish
Hopefully a magic fairy will come
and clean my house.

Here's to hoping.


Randi said...

I just got my apron! SO cute! It wasn't the fabric I was thinking of - I sould have been more specific. But It's still way cute! Thank you so much!

Kristi said...

Ooooh, what color are you going to paint your cabinents? And I say, don't wait until your house is clean. Paint the cabinents and then you can feel happy looking at your cool cabinent amidst the mess. Good idea right? :)