Sunday, April 26, 2009

Ya'll ready for this?

After discussing the gift basket
with my fellow Twinkle Bees
They all said sure,
they were in.
Are you in?

Check us out tomorrow.
To see the the cool stuff that is being thrown in the ring
for you to win.

In order to spread the love
a little further,
we are not putting all of the greatness
into one gift basket,
Sorry those of you pining after my last post.


There will be Aprons
There will be Bracelets...
There will be Blankets...
There will be Super Hero/Princess Capes...

Just you wait and see...


Ruthykins said...

i sit here in anxious anticipation

achick47 said...

I have never won anything,but this time I am wishing for BASKET. This ole Granny is at I love your blog and the picture in the aprons are sweet.Can't wait for my twin GGirls to get old enough to help with cookies.

lori and clark remington said...

Hi for California. I have seen one of your beautiful aprons on Cait's blog and asked her about it! She said you were selling them! But, when I got this chance to enter in your contest I was so excited! I thought it might be a chance for California moms to see your adorable aprons for sale!