Friday, April 24, 2009

Gift Baskets Rock

My outrageously creative sister
Had these waiting for us by our beds
When we got to Florida.

Favorites and essentials.
All wrapped up in celophane.
I loved it.
Made me giddy
I loved it so much.
Who thinks of that?
My rockin sister does.

I can count the number of gift baskets I have ever gotten
on one hand.
But I love them,
and if I love them, wouldn't everybody love one?
I should make gift baskets
for when people come to my house.
Come stay with me,
I will lower myself to the status of copycat
and make one for you!
You should make gift baskets for when people come to YOUR House,
I would totally come and stay with you
if you did.
Then I would blog about you.
Then you would know you were special!

Thanks Rachie.
Very cool.
But then, you always are.

Maybe I should do a Twinkle Bee/ Handi Andi
Gift Basket Give Away.
What do you think?
Let me know.
Maybe I will get with the powers that "bee"
and see what we can do.


Ruthykins said...

absolutely do a gift basket giveaway. i love gift baskets. i give them as xmas presents. i got one for xmas too. LOVED it!

ann said...

Yes you should....with an apron in it for sure!!!


great idea!! would love an oppurtunity to win!! To think of it I have never gotten a gift basket before. Maybe one of these days I'll get lucky!! What a great example you are to me. Then, now and always!! Love Ya!!

Brittany and Johnse said...

What a sweet sister! Creativity must be in your jeans! You are all creative!

Little Lady~bug said...

Hey speaking of visiting...I don't know if Mary told you but Neal is coming too! Can he take up some of your floor for the one night they will be there? Let me know if not I can get a hotel room or something

Erickson Family said...

K........ Well I'm coming through this summer and I really need a place to stay (well, when I say "I", I mean "we". that's 7 "we") and I expect a basket for each individual to be filled with an original assortment that suites the receiver.
LOL!!! totally joking!!! I do want to together for some Maggie Moo's though. I miss that place somethin' fierce.

Virginia Janet said...

Pretty cool gift basket!! I found more gift ideas at Personal Creations for all occasions!!