Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Home Again

To market to market
to buy a fat pig.
Home again
Home again
Jiggity Jig.

I feel like this nursery rhyme.
Home again, home again.

I was so excited to come home.
That I was pretty much dancing that jig.

I loved it
Don't get me wrong.
Had a blast.
Renewed my energy.
Reinforced and strengthened my bonds with my sisters.
Laughed really really hard
at really really absurd things.
Slept in late
stayed up late.
Put make up on and did my hair

But home is home.
And I like my clothing in my closet,
not in my suitcase.

Ryan did wonders with the house
and it was blissful to come into a clean kitchen
and then lay down with the kids
in a clean living room
and take a long nap.

The kids woke up grumpy and whiney
and I had to remind myself for a moment
that I had missed this.

But I did miss it.

All of it.

Even the snot, and the poop, and the whining.

Because that came along with
The squeals and the hugs
and sitting next to Cohen in the car
and having him pet me
and lay his head on my arm
and hearing him softly repeat
my mommy,
my mommy.

And then, he ate most of Holly's cinnamon roll,
and Kenna dumped my purse,
and all three were fighting over my water bottle.

It is
good to be home.

P.S. I was blogging from an iphone in Florida (I don't recommend this, convenient, but time consuming.) I have now uploaded pictures on all the Florida posts. Check them out.


Brittany and Johnse said...

Welcome back :) Glad you had a fun trip! I want to see pictures :)


Quite the world traveler!! Your so sweeet to write on my blog. I always look forward to seeing if you have and them reading them is like a special letter I receive in the mail. Glad your home safe and sound!! Welcome home!!! Lea

Kristi said...

Looks like such a blast! I got the apron a few days ago and am in love with it. I wear it pretty much all the time when I'm at home. Love, love, love it. I'm waiting for a day when i shower and get fully ready to have Byron take a picture of me in it and blog about it. Hopefully that day will be sooner than later. :) love you,