Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Gift Basket Numero Dos

Holly has graciously agreed
to donate one of her rag quilts
for the Gift Basket today.

She said that if you win,
you can choose one
for a boy,
for a girl.

This basket will be fabulous!
How could it not be
with The Holly Doll in charge?

How talented is my sister Holly?
You have no idea.


She makes stuff up all the time.
and while I smile and nod,
I am ashamed to admit,
sometimes I don't catch the vision.

Like the time that she was sewing place mats together
to make a table runner.


And then she shows me the finished product
and I wonder
how the heck she thought that stuff up
Much less actually created it.

And then I instantly want to rip it off
and make one for me,
because it is just that cool.

She is one of the original creators of Twinkle Bee.
And you better believe
that she has her hand in almost every pot.
She helps me make aprons.
She helps Caitlin make bracelets.
She makes all kinds of quilts.
She helps run and update the website,
and she personally created the apron shop,
and put all the pictures on there.

affectionately known as Holly Doll,
or just Doll
is my younger sister by 21 months.
But you would think she was my older sister
because she is way more responsible
way more organized
and way more on top of her game than I am.
She is married to Cory

Who is the smartest, hardest workin nurse
I ever did meet.
Two full time nursing jobs at seperate Hospitals, and school.
He is my husbands best friend.
It worked out good that way.

Holly was into sucking people's blood
way before
it was as cool as it is now that Edward does it.
She is a senior tech and Phlebotomy Supervisor
at American Fork Hospital.
She has worked there longer than I have known
what a full time job is.

Her other full time job is
Princess B

otherwise known as her 3 almost 4 yr old

Bryn has earned the title of Princess.
She had a feeding tube until 6 months
Open Heart Surgery at 10 months
Cancer at 18 months
and too many tests and scans since.

And because Holly not only survived this
But has thrived...
She has earned the title
of Queen Bee
in this Twinkle Bee hive.


You want to win this blanket and other goodies in the basket.
I promise.
They make great shower gifts or birthday gifts,
even if you don't have a baby in your house right now!

Holly also takes custom orders
and has a CRAZY huge array of fabrics.
You want it, she can make it,
and it will turn out even better than you thought it would.
I can promise you that!


Bernie and Doll said...

Handi Andi forgot to mention that it is SHE that takes me to the fabric stores and "ooo's" and "ahhhh's" with me and encourages "oh Doll come look at this one...You would love it!" she has the most exquisite taste! and Inspires me and Influences me in every project!
AND it is HER that loves my Princess B like one of her own and held my hand and cried with me while I held my sick Baby, screened all my phone calls when I was too overwhelmed to talk and jumped up and down and doing the happy dance when we found out we were "Cancer Free"
SHE is the reason that I know what a BFFL is …not just because she had to explain it to me! :)
My Sister, My Friend, My Hero!

Heather said...

Love the quilts! Yay for giveaways!

Sara Newton said...

Your sisters quilts are pretty amazing! Grace is sleeping with the one she made that you gave me as a shower gift...right now. The glories of a sleeping child! Anyway, your sister is pretty talented, but you forgot to mention that you are pretty talented yourself! Even though I already have one blanket, can I be entered for another? I love that quilt!

Ruthykins said...

well, if your goal was making people cry today, you've certainly succeeded with me. i had no idea that you all went through something like that. now, onto my entry comment. please pick me. i have a boy and a girl, so it doesn't matter to me which kind of quilt we get.

Little Lady~bug said...

I'm not commenting for a blanket...but will you tell my hubby that he needs to call HOME!!!
Thanks Hope you are having fun getting ready for the wedding tomorrow!

Brittany and Johnse said...

Holly is amazing! Such a big heart and SO talented BUT remember you guys are sisters...Same blood! Both of you are great! Love ya both and miss ya tons!

Emily said...

WOW!!!! Holly, I never knew that you and your little princess went thru all of that!!! You really are and always have been a rock!!!! OOOOOOO here's my comment!!!!!

James and Cami said...

Love rag quilts!! I def need one for this new baby boy am going to pop out in 3 mths...ahhhh!

Kristi said...

i love Holl and am proud to be one of the original users of the name "Holly Doll". :) love everything you guys do. i'm working on setting up an Etsy sight. I'll be posting about it next week...:)

Ash & Jon said...

I didn't know that Brynley had cancer! How is she doing now? Holly is seriously amazing!

Ash & Jon said...

I made a shout out to you on my blog!

Jenae said...

Glad I found your blog and learned about TwinkleBee and Apron Shop, I sure hope I win an adorable rag quilt! I was just admiring someone's last night, dreaming of it for my new little baby boy.

Peg said...

Enter me in the rag quilt drawing. It reminds me of the quilts my sister used to have displayed in her home before she lost her battle to cancer 2 1/2 years ago.

They are beautiful!

ambyr said...

hey, so do I get to enter??? remember that rag quilt that I was making for "some" guy in college? and holly got her finger stuck in the sewing machine trying to help me finish it!!!!! back in the day..... yall are amazing!!

Erickson Family said...

I am so in....I WANT IT!!! In other news...I am SO SAD that I wasn't there this past weekend. I am sure it was an event to behold. I CAN'T BELIEVE HE'S MARRIED!!!!!!! Man I am OLD! LOL

Andi, I wanted you to know that I frequently find my self really "LOL-ing" while reading your blog. I hope to one day be as on top of my updates as you are =D

Erickson Family said...

btw, I posted on 2 of my other blogs about your giveaways. One at the Erickson Family and the other at my True Deal Hound one.

Marcie said...

Ooooo!! Pick me pick me!! Love those rag quilts by Holly!!