Monday, April 20, 2009

Our fourth...and final

My dearest,

We did not lay on the couch all day like I thought we would.
We ran around.
We ate at Crispers.

Oh Delicious.

Then we went to
Park Avenue.
Which was full of boutiques
that were so expensive that I couldn't breath in them.

But they were really cool to look at.
I like beautiful things.

After park avenue we went to Costco.
Had to replace the book that I lost
of my trip.

Didn't even read two pages before it disappeared
into the realms of the unknown

Good thing you put "the book" on my ipod

or I would have been lost.
Really lost.
You know me
and my compulsive need for a book to read at all times.

We then headed to Congo River.
Some may think it is just a mini golf place,
but really,
It is this crazy adventure
where you get to dangle pieces of hotdog
from a string

over a pit of about 15 baby alligators.
When I say baby,
I mean, they are 3 to 4 feet long.
Thats only 1 ft 9 inches shorter than me.
That is some serious alligator chomping ability.
They stay perfectly still.
Until the hotdog gets an inch from their nose.
Then they jump and freak out and snap their huge jaws.

Rachel kept warning me not to drop the stick.
I kept rolling my eyes
I wasn't going to drop the dang stick.
Then I was teasing the biggest alligator in the pool
who hadn't moved the whole time we were there.
She told me to drop the hot dog so it barely touched his nose.
The thing freaked out.
I nearly dropped the stick, and I screamed bloody murder.
and the alligator got the hot dog.

We then went to Kevan's Grandma's house for Dinner.
She is a fabulous, fit, and fun 80 year old
She is awesome.
She made us an indoor picnic since it was raining.
The works.
Then she told us all about her Tai Chi classes
that she takes every week
and showed us some basic moves.
I hope that I have a fraction of her coolness level
when I am her age.

His parents treated us to Jeremiah's Italian Ice again.
One more to hold me over until we make it back.

We have to make it back.
Have to.

Can't wait to see you tomorrow morning.
You are a prince among men for picking us up.



Ruthykins said...

i think alligators are neato

James and Cami said...

Fun! Sounds like you had a great time!!