Wednesday, April 15, 2009

What kind of mother...

We left our children in the hands of the
Golds Gym Playroom Staff
last night
and ran to the other side of the gym
so we wouldn't be late for our biweekly torture sessions
with our overpriced trainer.

Not 5 minutes into the workout
A Very Distressed Playroom Worker
is doing the quick walk headed right for us.

"Was your youngest bleeding when you left him?"

I had to blink and reprocess what she said.
Would I have left him if he was bleeding?
Hello! NO!
( Well I was late for the trainer, and she is expensive, but still, NO!)

"Ummm... NO!" I replied.
Trying not to sound panicked.

"Okay, because, um,"
"He has a cut on his face and its bleeding."

"Does he need stitches?"

"Well, no, its just a scratch, but its bleeding, and we are so sorry, and we have no idea how it happened, or how it could have happened, and we asked everyone and no one said they saw it happen, and your little boy, he just keeps saying "Yeah, Yeah," whenever we ask him a question,

(yeah, well, he doesn't talk),
(and one of the very few words he says is yeah),
( so yeah, that's all he would say.)

and we are so sorry, and we put a band aid on it, and he's not even crying anymore, and we think he will be fine, and like we said, we are so sorry."

It looked like the poor girl was about to hyperventilate
from the word vomit that just kept poring out of her mouth.

I was starting to get annoyed
because I pay this trainer something like $3 a minute,
and this worker was quickly eating up minutes
because my son had a scratch.

I replied,
"I'm sure he is fine, I"ll come check when I am done."

Stressed out worker quickly exited in the near run walk mode.

I finished my workout with trainer lady, and then went to get Cohen.

I wish I would have had my camera.
He had a huge band aid that went from one ear,
across his cheek,
and over the bridge of his nose.

Right below his eye,
and it was bright green scooby doo.
He looked like a war veteran.

I started to think,
how could 4 grown women,
watching 10 kids not have seen
what happened to the kid's face?

Do they even pay attention in there?
Are my kids going to get the crap beat out of them
while these women are not paying attention?

And what kind of mom,
has a kid,
that hits other kids in the face.

And while I was getting my self all worked up
I suddenly remembered
the events at my house previously that day.

Where 2 grown women
(Caitlin and Myself)
Watching 4 children play outside
Somehow missed
picking up a large stick
and cracking Saxon in the face with it.

I was a little upset
because some kid hit Cohen in the face with a toy.

When my own child
Hit Saxon in the face
with a freakin stick.

Yeah, so I guess its not so big a deal
that Cohen has a black eye.
When I'm the mother of a kid
that gave another kid
a black eye.

P.S.- The playroom made me sign a waiver saying I would not sue them because my child was injured in their care. Seriously? Seriously. My kids should have to sign a waiver saying that they won't sue me if they are injured in my care.


Ruthykins said...

kids are so clumsy. my kid needed stitches because he said goodbye. he tripped and hit something. there were four adults watching him, and he got hurt. we can't stop them from getting hurt all the time. you are not ridiculous.

Caitlin said...

Ha ha :) Saxon rarely leaves your house without inflicting some kind of damage on someone, so one of these days you're going to stop inviting us. "Andi House" is his favorite place to play though...all those cool toys in the backyard!

James and Cami said...

That is sad. I think i have had to sign like 3 of those waivers. Cohens been bit twice and he has hit other kids, then Bosten bit some kid. I am one of those moms who gets pissed then has to realize that my kid is probably doing it too!(but of course mine is doing it at of self-defense....:)