Saturday, April 4, 2009

Oh Kenna, really?

You know you are in big trouble when you find this

And you know it was not you,
or the only other adult in the house
That created this pile o' crap.

And then when you find this

You think,
What Doll was just scalped to create this pile.

And then you find the Doll

Poor thing's hair is now a pixie cut,
instead of flowing red strawberry scented locks.

And right about now
I am noticing that it is very quiet
in my house.

Silence is a
Guaranteed sign of trouble

So I go hunting
and I find this

Who is sitting beside


and this is the point at which

I could NOT believe it.

I know that Kenna could care less
that the baby hairs around her face
were millimeters away from fitting into her ponytail.
I know that she doesn't care
that it is already SO HARD to do her hair.
Both because she freaks out and wiggles like a worm,
and because she has an intense swirl in the front of her head
that makes her hair go sideways instead of forward.

I wanted to cry.
Its not even my hair,
and I wanted to cry.

and Brittany, (our friend and hair savior)
betrayed us
and moved to California, last month!
So I couldn't even call her to save us.

I had to make the best of what I had,

which wasn't much,
and what was there was not good.

I know that you are supposed to think
that your kids are adorable
no matter what

I hate her hair.
Hate it.

Is it ridiculous to pray that it grows fast?
Because I utter a prayer every time I look at her.

Love her,
Hate the hair.


Caitlin said...

I know it's not funny, but I laughed so hard reading your post! She's still cute :) Where's Brittany when you need her...she could fix it!

Kasi said...

Oh my, I know how you feel! Emily is the queen of scissors, I find tiny little pieces of paper everywhere. And she's cut her hair twice, and Jake's once. One time Daniel cut her hair, and in places it was all the way down to the scalp. I totally cried, because she already has such thin hair, and they cut some of it OFF!!

Brittany and Johnse said...

Ha ha ... I am SORRY!! i wish i could have been there to try to help you fix it. If it makes you feel any better almost all kids at some point try to cut their own hair...I did when i was little :)

Peter & Sarah Damaska said...

Oh Andi, I'm so sorry! I just confiscated all the scissors in our house to try to escape this . . . I'm hopeful it will work, but not totally hopeful. Kids are so darn smart. If it helps at all, the pictures you took were great. Life with kids is just so crazy, isn't it!?

Kristi said...

Byron and I read this together and there was a big collective GASP through the room when we saw her hair on the floor. Just think, when she's getting married, you can sneek these pics into her wedding video. :)

TwinkleBee said...

I think you need just one more kid so the years of stories you can entertain us all with can continue on for a few extra years :)

Rachel said...

I can't believe how good you can help her rock this new look, I couldn't even tell she had cut her hair unless I saw these photos.

Rachel said...

the photos are hilarious.