Wednesday, April 15, 2009

You can call me four eyes...if you want to.

Cohen would do just about anything to get a reaction from me.

He takes off his diaper and comes running in to say

He routinely dumps his cereal on his head
and laughs when I freak out.

He counts teeu, teeu, free!
and jumps off the ottoman.

He climbs on the kitchen counters and then stands up
to yell Mom, Mom, Mom
and then laughs when I come running.

Easter morning I was sleeping and I heard a commotion.
I opened my eyes and Cohen was there
about 2 inches from my face

Crazy glasses on

Yelling BOO!

He then was kind enough to ham it up for me

while I took pictures.

And then he was tired,
so the show was over
and he just wanted his blanky and his boo.
He watched cartoons with the glasses like this.

1 comment:

BBB said...

What a goof. But a cute one.