Sunday, March 1, 2009

My kids? Are we sure those were my kids?

I had to miss church today because I had my CNA class.
I was bummed about it.
And then Ryan texted me
and told me that they got there so early
that they got to sit in the padded seats.
(this hardly ever happens!)
So then I was even more jealous.

and today
Caden and Kenna were picked to be the reverent children
who stand up front with their arms folded
before the meeting starts.
My children.

I don't know if they have been reverent a day in their lives.
Especially not in Sacrament Meeting.
They think whispering is repeating it, just not at a yell.

He said they were darling,
and perfectly quiet
and reverent
as they stood up there with their arms folded.
And I missed it!

He took pictures after church to document the occasion!

Sometimes I wonder if I am the worst mom on the planet
or if my kids are just rowdy and loud and naughty around me.
Because it seems like mine are the only ones
that run through Costco and hide in the racks.
Or lay on the floor and refuse to get up at Target
or have hair that constantly looks unbrushed and wild.
Or have stains on their shirts.

I brush their hair people.
I change their clothes.
I wash their faces.
They just head plow into the couch
and spill every dang thing they touch.
Usually on me and them and the carpet.

Friday Cohen ran out of the Doctors office ahead of me
the other two followed.
and by the time I got out the door
They were stuck between floors in the elevator.
Screaming their heads off.
Evidently Cohen pushed all the buttons and it stopped.
So here I am standing outside the elevator
screaming at the top of my lungs
trying to get Caden to push the 2
While he is screaming that he is stuck
and Cohen and Kenna are just screaming
because everyone else is screaming.
Caden finally pushed the 2 and the elevator doors opened.
The emergency operator is yelling over the speaker,
Caden is still crying, and Cohen is clapping his hands
excited about the whole thing evidently.
I yelled that we were fine and hung it up
got everyone back in the elevator
and forbid them from touching any buttons.

Caden is still wailing
"Mom I was stuck and you didn't come get me."
to which I replied
"Who was screaming at you to push the 2?"
I wanted to say
"what on earth possessed you to get on the dang elevator without me
in the 5 whole seconds that I couldn't see you
because all of you were running out the door?"
But I figured that wouldn't help the hysterics.
So I grabbed hands and headed for the car
See? this doesn't happen to other people.

But today,
my kids were the reverent kids.
And I missed it.


Randi said...

I bet you taught your kids how to be reverent so atleast you can get satisfaction by knowing they learned it from you. That elevator story was very entertaing by the way. Ha That's why I say I am not even close to being ready to be a parent. You deserve a medal!

kim said...

Well Andi, do not worry, everyone's kids DO act like that at some time or another. You are just good to document it so we all know how real you are and how we are not alone with our kids being naughty.

I agree with your friend-they did learn how to be reverent from you, so good job!

Brittany and Johnse Davis said...

that is awesome that they were so good at church! and that is even more awesome that ryan took them on his own!

Ruthykins said...

oh my heck! that elevator story is hilarious! i'm sure it wasn't funny at the time. i think i would have panicked.

Kasi said...

I can imagine my kids (especially my 2 year old) getting caught in an elevator. Kids aren't they?