Friday, March 13, 2009


So, I think I was given the amazing gift of
speaking in tongues.

Whenever I say something to my children
something gets lost in translation.

Like for instance

"We only color on paper!"
Cohen somehow translates that to mean

"Please color on your arm."

and when I am yelling

It somehow turns into

"Please, please please..."
"Color on your face."

I wonder what
"Time out, time out, time out!"
will turn into.

"Please scribble on the TV with a Sharpie Marker!"

Oh wait,
that came before "We only color on paper".
When I said "You cannot have Sharpies Ever!"


Ruthykins said...

nice. so far i've been lucky enough that my kids haven't found the markers. they have found the scissors, though. i'm basically just waiting for emmy to have no hair.

Randi Gardner said...

Andi! You are playing Priscilla Ahn on your Blog! That's awesome! I LOVE LOVE LOVE her! You are so awesome!

Kasi said...

Okay, so once my kids decided to draw a "map" on the playroom carpet with CRAYON. PURPLE crayon. They covered the entire room, and it's a huge room. Nothing gets it out. I tried everything, and actually Murphy's Oil Soap came the closest, but you can still kind of see it.
As for markers, my kids get "grounded" from them every other week for drawing on: arms, walls, carpet, laundry baskets, lampshades, clothing, furniture. etc. etc.

I love your blog!

Kaye Butler said...

Okay, not sure where I found your blog, but I found it and it cracks me up. You should read Calgon Take Me Away from my blog roll...her 2 year old likes WHITE OUT.

love this blog!