Tuesday, March 31, 2009

My 3 Year Old Insomniac

Kenna Rarely sleeps.

She doesn't nap often
She stays up late
She wakes up several times a night
She wakes up early in the morning.
We take pictures of her sleeping to prove to ourselves that it actually occurs.
(If you will notice in these pictures,
it is never night time and she is never in her bed.)

Last night was extreme.
Even for Kenna.
She fell asleep early,
but then woke up screaming several times.
She would sit up, then lay down, then sit up.
Whimper and then turn over.
Ryan and I were at our whits end.

She mumbled once about her ear hurting,
then turned over.
So I got her some tylenol and told her if she didn't lay still
and go to sleep that she had to go back to her bed.
On and on this went until about 6am.
She FINALLY fell asleep.

I called the doctor to take her in just in case
she actually did have an ear infection,
and if she didn't, then I needed some serious advice
on getting a 3 yr old to go to sleep and sleep all night long.
I was wiped out.

We were in the office waiting for the doctor to come in
and I grabbed my brush out of my purse to brush Kenna's hair.
It kept getting stuck in tangles in the side of her head.
I pulled it back to look
and her ear and neck were crusted along with her hair.
Puss and blood.

So I am probably the worst mom in the world.
My daughters ear drum ruptured
from having such a bad ear infection,
and was draining nastiness all over her neck,
And at the time all I wanted was for her to be quiet and SLEEP!
The doctor said it probably ruptured around 6,
when she finally fell asleep because there was some relief
from the pressure.

My pediatrician (who is awesome) said
"You probably wouldn't have been able to sleep either
if your ear hurt this bad."
Ryan felt pretty bad too
for abandoning ship and going to sleep on the couch.

Sorry about the no actual pictures thing.
(I know you wanted to see the
crusty gunk)
I will try to add some later.
My camera, as previously mentioned,
took a
hiatus from actually taking pictures.
The Geek Squad
at Best Buy is trying to
beat it back into submission.


Ruthykins said...

i hope she'll be okay. you're not a bad mother. just the simple fact that you took her to the doctor is proof enough of that.

TwinkleBee said...

You're not a bad mom! I'm not so sure I want to see puss pictures. Ok, i'm sure I don't :) So what now with her eardrum? poor girl! First picture is proof of her gorgeous eyelashes. Lucky girl!

Brittany and Johnse said...

That sucks...poor Kenna. I feel bad for her...hope she is feeling better soon.

p.s.- you are NOT a bad mom...it could've happened to us all!

Kristi said...

Every time Byron apolgizes for doing something that he feels wasn't good for our kids, I say, "Um, shall we recount all of my huge screw-ups to make you feel better?" Thankfully he never does, but we're all trying our best every day and to me, that makes a great mom.

Megan said...

Awww, that's too bad. We have certainly had our fair share of middle of the night awakenings due to ear infections! They suck!