Friday, March 6, 2009

MOM, Mom,mom, mo, mmm.....

I should turn on the TV guide channel every night.
It worked its magic in way less time than
the Backyardigans did.
Two minutes of
"I'm coming to turn on the show in a minute, be patient."
and they were out for the count.
So bored that they fell asleep.
You better believe that I am using this trick again
now that I know how effective it is.


Kasi said...

I wonder if the Indy weather channel would do the same trick for my kids? It should, since it basically puts me to sleep. (But Kevin finds it fascinating!)

Ruthykins said...

that's what i do. i make the kids watch my shows at night so they get bored and go to sleep.

Little Lady~bug said...

Good for you losing 6 pounds! I'm down 8 and feel like giving up! Keep'll love going back to Hawaii.

BBB said...

That is classic!